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Some Notes + This Weekend

My oh my what a week it’s been. To say that I was overwhelmed by all of your support after Monday’s announcement is an understatement. You guys. I can’t tell you how much your comments, emails and tweets mean to me. Truly, I am so humbled by your words of encouragement. And I feel honored too. I told Joe that the part about all of this that means the most to me is that I am inadvertently inspiring so many of you to keep chasing after your goals. I am promising you now that I will continue to do everything I can to inspire and encourage you. Let’s start with this: Don’t settle. KEEP GOING. Have faith in yourself and in your future. Okay?

Now, on to a few other notes and ramblings (including the winner of the Refinery 29 + Herringbone giveaway, and why the above photo references Friday when it’s Thursday…): Continue reading

This weekend…

Today I’m also going to try switching up Friday Link Love a little bit, and instead of featuring a longer list of things to check out, I’m going to share my favorite blogger, blog post, article, whatever. Less to sift through, and you’ll know I mean business — each Friday’s link is definitely a fave!

This week, I was blown away by this DIY ‘melting heart’ tutorial from Erin. How pretty (and easy) is this? And can you believe it’s actually made out of crayons? So neat.

A little announcement that’s leading up to a big one: be sure to check back in here on Monday. I have some very exciting news to share with you! That’s right…the project I’ve been alluding to for months is about to be revealed! Get excited. I know I am.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and enjoy the Super Bowl!!

{Image Credits: Project Foodie, The Galley Gourmet, Daily Mail, Jose Villa, Greg Considine Flickr, Jamie Beck


Happy Friday, friends! Before we dive in to this week’s links, I wanted to take a second to say hi and welcome to all the new vmac+cheese readers who are here because of referrals from Mini-Alt Week or Alt itself! Thanks for stopping by!

I have to be honest with you: this week was a total doozy. You come back from something like Alt and your mind is swirling with so many thoughts, ideas, and questions. I’ve also had lots going on in my personal life (engagement yes, and some other particularly juicy points of interest that I’ll discuss soon, promise) that have made things a little crazy around these parts. I’m so happy to see the weekend and hopefully sleep in as much as possible. Do you ever find that when you’re extra busy, you can’t sleep in because your mental to-do list wakes you up? Dear brain, let’s try and shut it down this weekend, mmkay?

If you’re new to vmac+cheese, each Friday I like to post a list of my favorite links from the week. Be sure to check these out if you find yourself with some quiet time and a cup of tea!

+ The food posts from the last few weeks were out of control good! First, check out Jaclyn’s homemade oreo cookies. So pretty and a million times less processed than the store bought version.
+ Similarly, Lara attempted my favorite Girl Scout cookie of all time, the caramel delite, also known as the Samoa in virtually every part of the country except for Texas.
+ Sarah shared her gorgeous photos from homemade chocolate and sea salt peanut butter cups. PS, they’re vegan!
+ So now that you’ve indulged in all the sweets, did you notice your skin flared up? Yeah, it’s not a coincidence. Dairy, refined carbs, and zinc deficiency are often the culprit, and I personally have noticed a difference when I cut these things out. I’m glad The Beauty Department is reporting on this too!
+ On to my first ever mentions of wedding planning. Or lack thereof. I really have done nothing, you guys. But I was happy to meet Sara at Alt, and to subscribe to her wedding blog Marry This! I need to balance all of the pretty, aspirational wedding goodness that’s out there with the more realistic yet equally as inspiring.
+ Similarly, if and when we ever put up a wedding website, I hope our guest book is 1/10th as hilarious as Bridget and Chris’s, friends of fellow Texan Jenn. I mean, a honey badger reference? These people are awesome.
+ I totally enjoyed Erica’s article on the value of LinkedIn. Not on it? Maybe think about it.
+ Rachel, from the blog Southern Exposure, is one of those people that always finds amazing fixer pieces, with final results that are nothing short of fantastic. Her latest is no exception!
+ Finally, wondering who else went to Alt Summit? Need a few new blogs to check out? Don’t miss Meg’s roundup of Alt-goers. Links for days, people. And if you look close in the photo, you might even see a little business card from yours truly. Enjoy!

{Image Credit: Nastia Vesna via Margaret Jacobson Pinterest}


Happy Happy Friday! Boy, what a week. Between the apartment drama and also getting geared up for what is sure to be an unbelievable few days in Salt Lake City next week, I am happy to see the weekend (and a three day one, at that!). I like to think of the last few days as just water under the bridge (hence the lovely image above, from Sarah Tucker). I’m ready for what this next week will bring!

To give you all a heads up and get you excited: next week, I have a very special set of posts coming. As you know, I’ll be attending the Altitude Design Summit from Wednesday through Friday, and can’t wait to get back and share what I learned with you (along with lots of photos, natch! After all, I’ll be hanging out with Tobe, Molly, Chelsea, ErinKatie, Amanda, Kait, and local friends Jeanne and Melissa there). However, I figured, “Why let the Alt-goers have all the fun?” For those of you reading along who also have blogs, you’re in for a real treat: a series of posts sharing best practices, tips and tricks from lots of amazing bloggers who have been kind enough to spill their secrets! And if you don’t have a blog, consider this a rare behind the scenes look into what goes into creating your favorite sites. I think you’ll still enjoy it! And perhaps it’ll give you some inspiration to start your own blog (if you do, make sure you let me know!).

Until then, some links for your viewing pleasure:

+ Lotts and Lots shared a great DIY on what are dubbed as Prada-esque earrings. Looks pretty good given the small shopping list, don’t you think?
+ Keeping in the DIY vein, Amber had a great round up of DIYs you should check out right this second. I’m especially impressed with the fish scale wall, the IKEA desk hack (also discussed over here), and the confetti system garland !
+ Did you hear the big news from my girl Mackenzie? Get ready for Design Darling: The Boutique!! I have a feeling this is going to be fabulous.
+ Chelsea shared her gorgeous envelope liner for her wedding invitations. They’re fabric. And hand cut by her. Lovely, aren’t they?
+ I’m totally intrigued by this recipe from Jacquelyn: a beef noodle soup that uses bourbon. Something different (and delicious).
+ I always love learning about new artists, and was happy to hear about Jennifer Ament, which Sarah shared on her blog Chevrons & Stripes.
+ Don’t miss this summary of a new article in Architectural Digest which looks at the Dumfries House in Scotland, recently purchased by Prince Charles.
+ Madewell (of all blogs) shared a great how-to on making your own jam. It really is easy!

Do you have next Monday off? What are your plans for the three day weekend? Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy!

{Image Credit: Sarah Tucker Travel Photography}


Woohoo! The first Friday of 2012! I don’t know why I’m writing that as if I have huge plans this weekend and a ton of energy to match, because…yeah, I don’t. After the holidays and all the overindulgence fun of New Year’s last weekend, I am ready to have a normal weekend and get some real rest. We’ll see how that last part goes — for some reason I have not been able to sleep in at all lately.

The blog world BROUGHT IT this week. Like the days after Thanksgiving, the holidays must’ve given everyone some time off to gather inspiration, because I bookmarked a ridiculous number of posts to share this week. So, while you enjoy the first weekend of twenty twelve, here’s some goodness to look through should you find yourself with a spare moment:

+ Shameless self-promotion bit. This week, I was so happy to guest post for Erika on her blog [shop talk]. We took a look at the fabulousness that is Elie Saab. Award season is coming up, and all of Hollywood should take note: look no further than Mr. Saab.
+ Kyle from the blog Knight Moves is designing my dream bathroom/closet. You seriously won’t believe it. She’s one lucky (and talented!) gal.
+ Check out Naomi’s insane ottoman makeover for her mother. So creative and the end result isn’t like anything you’d find in store!
+ Let’s talk about how to travel in style. Think about how you would ideally like to fly…then prepared to be amazed by how it pales in comparison to this.
+ It makes me sad to see all the Christmas trees on the sidewalks of SF. Joe and I typically don’t take everything down until the end of the month, but I’m hanging on to this post from Arianna on how to store strings of lights and ornaments to make it less of an ordeal next year.
+ I adored this post from Into the Gloss featuring Iris Apfel. She has such a refreshing take on what it means to age beautifully. Fave quote: “If women put some more of the time and money they put on their heads in their heads, they’d be better off. I mean, nobody’s going to think you’re thirty-two, so what’s the point?”
+ If you’re still considering your New Year’s resolutions, read this post from one of my inspirational faves, Jess Constable, first. And read this one too, while you’re at it. That girl is so good.
+ My girl Irene shared this “WOW”-inducing before and after bedroom makeover she recently completed for a client. It looks great!
+ And finally, if you don’t read a single other post here, read this one: 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. Danielle reminded me of it this week, and I’ve literally read it 5 times. I’m planning on taking some of the items that are especially relevant to me and putting them up around my office. Hopefully after seeing them everyday, they’ll sink in!

Also, I just wanted to take a minute and say hello to all the new visitors who have recently found me via Behind the Scenes ladies and guest posts elsewhere. I’m so happy to welcome you here! If you’re liking things ’round these parts, be sure to check out my Twitter and Facebook pages too. And of course, a big thank you to all of you who are seasoned vmac visitors. You make this blog such a fun place to hang out everyday. Bisous!

{Image Credit: Frederic Lagrange via Matchbook Magazine Tumblr. Frederic’s photo rep can be found here}


Happy almost New Year’s Eve!! Wow, the second to last day of the year. It sometimes still sounds weird to say 2011 (and I admittedly have been known to write 2010 on checks this year). How are we supposed to get used to 2012 in just a couple days?

What are everyone’s big plans to ring in the new year? I will be having dinner with friends, then a bit of low key bar hopping in the Marina neighborhood. Of course, I say low key, but even on NYE, the diviest of dive bars become something else. We shall see. I’ve found that after a few glasses of Champagne, I don’t much care where the night takes me, as long as good music and laughs are involved!

Here is a short list of links to keep you sated over the second long weekend. I’ll be back on Monday…see you next year!

+ I adored these notecards, found via Sarah on Etsy. These would be perfect for thank you notes!
+ If you’re not a Champagne kind of person (but, really, who ISN’T?), check out this recipe for mulled wine. Cider flavors plus red wine? Yes, please.
+ Glitter Guide shared this fantastic DIY glittery camera strap.
+ A potential hairstyle for NYE. Looks so pretty and fancy, but by all appearances, is probably very simple!
+ I should’ve shared these sooner, but I absolutely loved these handmade NYE invitations from You Are My Fave. I mean, how festive?? Could be a fun idea for a Valentine’s party.
+ Here’s a non-traditional New Year’s beverage I can get behind: the Champagne Mojito. I also wouldn’t argue if someone put a Society Sparkler in my hand. What about you?
+ Finally, as I close out my 9th year in California, I can’t help but share this video from Honestly WTF. With over 10,000 photographs taken all over Southern California, this time lapse video is just plain cool.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s already time for another Friday Link Love post. The week flew for me. I’ve been quite busy working on a new little adventure (that I can’t wait to share with you all very soon), and it’s keeping me up at nights and getting me out of bed in the morning. Good times!

Joe will get home very (very) late tomorrow night after almost a week away, and I’m going to try my hardest to stay up for him. It gets lonely when you’re used to having a better half around! I’ll be spending some time tomorrow working on the aforementioned project, as well as some exciting guest posts to share with you all next week. Until then…

+ A couple great DIYs for you this week! First, Nichole from Parlour wrote about making pretty little lacquered bowls. These are so great as catch-alls on an entryway table or on a dresser. UPDATE: Just realized that the Parlour post was a re-post from Stay in the Lines! Read more closely next time, Victoria!
+ Erin has been killing it with her holiday decor and craft projects! I loved her homemade stamp, made using wood and string, which turned simple wrapping paper into something amazing.
+ Anna Jane from the blog See Jane shared a hilarious letter she wrote to Santa years ago. I wonder if my mom saved any of my letters to Santa??
+ If you’re in the mood for soup but yesterday’s potato leek recipe doesn’t strike your fancy, try Sarah’s Roasted Chestnut with Parsnips and White Port. It sounds so luxurious and decadent!
+ This video from David Lebovitz, one of my favorite food bloggers, had me pining for Paris like nobody’s business. I also happen to love sardines, so the pâté he makes in this video is right up my alley.
+ Any Mad Men fans out there? The house featured in the ‘Jet Set’ episode is up for sale. In case anyone has an extra $12M lying around.
+ Pork tenderloin is a great thing to try and make on a weeknight, as it cooks quickly and you’ll often have leftovers. Try Kerry’s recipe for Honey and Thyme Roasted Pork Loin.
+ Alaina takes us behind the scenes of the chaos that ensues when you’re styling spaces and people for photoshoots. There’s beauty in the madness!
+ Finally, three new-to-me Tumblrs that I’ve been following for a couple weeks and am really loving: A Well Traveled Woman, Cubicle Refugee, and Trendy Traveler. You’ll no doubt find photos to pin!

Bon weekend, everyone!

{Image Credit: A Gadabout}

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