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Feeling a little regal and…

I loved this color post so much, I was inspired to do another one! I’ve never really gravitated towards purple, even though I’m often told it looks good on me. Lately though, for whatever reason, I just can’t seem to get enough! Isn’t it funny how we go through color phases like that? My favorite purple piece as of late has been this silk shirt I was gifted for Christmas. I’ve been mixing it up with turquoise and even red accessories. Perfection!

Cardi, Target | Snood, InterMix | Earrings, Banana Republic |  Gloves, Target | PS1, Barneys | Dress, TopShop | Cami, Rebecca Taylor | Ring, Stephen Dweck |  Denim, Yoox

And if you’re here to read about my big news…just scroll down a bit! The announcement went up earlier today! (Squee!) I’ll go into a bit more later this week, but let me just say: thank you ALL for the overwhelming support this morning. I won’t even lie — I got a little emotional at work reading through everything. Big hugs!

{Image Credits: Stockholm Street Style; The Sartorialist; Furnishism}

21 Responses

  1. I’m totally with ya! I just bought a royal purple shirt yesterday :)

  2. Can we talk about how amazing that purple Proenza bag is?! I just love it!

  3. lovely purple hues! i like the snood. mainly just saying ‘snood.’
    come and enter my giveaway for a free copy of this awesome, award-winning scrapbooking software from my memories! anticipation

  4. OMG I LOVE THIS POST!!! Clearly, I very enthusiastically love the color purple. Purple pants, purple shoes, purple fur… I’ll wear it all. Simultaneously even. I’ll take it all in purple!!

  5. Love the purple pleated skirt!

  6. I’m the same way, never really gravitated towards purple but have been recently. I bought a pair of purple denim skinnies and have been wearing them with everything. Mixing in color when I can!

  7. Love this color. I’ll take the PS1, please…

  8. Yes, purple is SUCH a regal color! Love your purple picks!

  9. love that dress, and the purple wall is SO COOL. I wonder how mad my bf would be if I did that?!

  10. Purple is my favorite color!

  11. love the purple! that topshop dress is adorable – perfect belted too I’m sure!

  12. Love your choices, so pretty. Esp the bag!


  13. I can totally see purple looking gorgeous on you! Loving purple, especially since I just painted my daughter’s room that color. Pretty!

  14. I love those earrings and that ring. Gorg!

  15. soo pretty. such a rich color! especially love that PS1..

  16. This post is great! I think it’s funny how you said you’ve been gravitating to purple for some reason. I’ve been the same way with royal blues and teals. I have no idea why, I’ve NEVER been into those colors.

    I love the color of that purple room. So bold and beautiful.

  17. I’m such of fan…love the cardigan!!

  18. such a beautiful color

  19. Love these color posts. I never really liked purple either, but I am smitten with an essie color I have on now. xo

  20. My favorite color- love all of these!

  21. I never knew I loved purple until the post, in particular that agate ring! With gold you can’t beat it!

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