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Splurge/Save: Jason Wu

Which one would you choose? And PS, are you going to be shopping the Jason Wu for Target capsule collection, which hits stores February 5? I’m loving sooo many of the looks (this one, this one, and definitely this one)…but after the Missoni for Target madness, I’m a bit leery. You?

{Image Credits: Nordstrom, Fashionologie}

24 Responses

  1. I HAVE to hope that Target will do better this time around, considering the uproar that was raised with the Missoni. I probably won’t go to a real store, but I’ll get online on Sunday!

  2. Not going to lie, like the Target version much better! Love when that happens.

  3. these are both adorable, but i do actually like the target version better. love me some target clothes :)

  4. The LND is the new LBD … great find Victoria!

  5. I would love to check out the line for Target on Saturday, but as you said above, after the Missoni chaos I’m not so sure…

  6. These collaborations are starting to bother me because I feel like they are available for 30 minutes, then sold out. Maybe they shouldn’t release everything at once or make more? I guess some people have the patience to wait in line, but I don’t! :) I actually like the Target dress more too!! xx

  7. Loooove the target dress! And completely agree about ben… such a waste. I am SO ready for them to pick a NEW bachelor that hasn’t ever been on the Bachelorette but I know that’ll never happen! loved being on your e-mail list last night as well :)

  8. I would totally grab the steal. Alas, I do not have a Target near me, or the tenacity to wake up at 2AM and deal with Internet drama, so I probably will never own it!!

  9. I like the Target version soooo much more, so it would be saving for me ;)

  10. I actually prefer the cheaper one, so cute!

  11. i actually like the for target dress better! i want to go to target on sunday but im afraid to drag h into that madness.. and we’ve got a lot of stuff to prep for our superbowl party. xo

  12. I also like the Target dress muuch better. It’s so great when that happens. I feel so satisfied.

  13. I prefer the Target one! I love the stripes :) I desperately want to buy some of the Target pieces because I love Jason’s (look at me sounding like we’re on a first name basis!) aesthetic. Unfortunately, I’m on a spending freeze–so I’m going to live vicariously through everyone’s purchases! Hope you’ll be on for blog brunch on Saturday! xoxo {av}

  14. Damn I won’t be there to shop it! Enjoy on my behalf. That is one gorgeous $40 dress!!!

  15. I prefer the SAVE. Cannot wait!

  16. I avoided the Missoni insanity but I think this may be worth it!

  17. I love the Target one more than the real one! And I would suggest going online at 6am to buy, thats how ive done it in the past, and succeeded!

    Check out my blog and let me know if you would like to follow eachother!



  18. I actually like the target one better!

    XX Kathryn


  19. I am still bitter over the Missoni ordeal, but I love JWu so much that it’s hard for me to resist!! I love the Jason Wu for Target commercial! Oh and that dress is so cute. xoxo elizabeth

  20. I will definitely be a target tomorrow shopping these dresses.. can’t wait! All the looks are sooo amazing!

  21. i drove right past targt..not worth the mayhem since all the missoni is restocked online and on sale…

    • I have been thinking the same thing! Someone I work with was rocking a Missoni for Target cami the other day, and
      when I commented on it, she said she had just gotten it on sale and online. Forget it!

  22. Oh, I love the $40 way more than the other one! Sadly, I wasn’t able to snag it this weekend but I did get some other Jason Wu for Target items online :)

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