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Behind the Scenes with Cupcakes for Breakfast

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m excited to introduce you to Nikki, the voice behind the lovely lifestyle blog Cupcakes for Breakfast. I don’t know that I’d ever asked Nikki how old she was, so when she sent me back her responses for this post, I was very surprised to learn she was only 24. She’s definitely wise beyond her years! I love checking in on her blog for delicious recipes she’s concocted, and for sage bits of advice too. Nikki’s a real sweetheart, and I know you’ll dig her blog!

sources: one | two | three | four | five

1. Almafi Coast to see the colorful houses along the shore
2. Greek Islands to sail around beautiful clear blue water
3. Barcelona to shop and study architecture
4. Napa to sip wine all day long
5. Surkhet, Nepal to visit the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School

1. A Moveable Feast – a classic, set in Paris, stories of food and glamour
2. In Defense of Food – contemporary thoughts on food and sustainability
3. Spoon Fed – a memoir about women cooking
4. The Lucky One – guilty pleasure!

sources: one | two | three

1. be in love, having a blast and traveling the world with my best friend;
2. happy at work, surrounded by inspiration and continuously working on creative projects;
3. constantly entertaining and sharing meals with family and friends

1. Getting my studio apartment camera-ready. There are just a few more things I’m looking for before shooting my home tour. I can’t wait to share it!

2. Cooking my food wish list. I’ve bookmarked so many recipes that I haven’t gotten to yet. And why not? No more excuses. I’m trying to cross one thing off this list every week. It’s time to make those chocolate hazelnut macarons already!

source: one | two | three | four

Oh I have too many of these! But one in particular is to open a neighborhood Italian market. A one-stop, family-owned, full-of-love shop where you can get all your favorite things: prosciutto, burrata, perfect by-the-slice pizza, cannoli, sfogliatelle and tri-color cookies. (OK, these are my favorite things!) I’d spend half of my time baking, half of my time marketing the store, and every day eating and enjoying life with our customers.

My senior year of college I wrote the beginnings of a food memoir as a final project for my Journalism major, which I named Cupcakes for Breakfast. One of the stories I told was about when “cupcakeries” began opening in DC in 2008. I would wake up early on Saturday mornings and bring a half-dozen cupcakes back to my roommates before most of them even woke up. Much like how my mom used to go out and bring home bagels on weekend mornings, my friends and I had our own family tradition: eating cupcakes for breakfast. (And not the breakfast-y ones like lemon or carrot!) My blog title is a constant reminder that there is a story and meaning behind every food and meal.

So many people! But if I must name few…
My family – they surround me with love and have provided me with so many amazing food and color memories.
Martha Stewart – her attention to detail in entertaining is so enviable.
The editorial staff at House Beautiful – I interned with them one summer and I fell in love with the process of magazine styling and writing. Reading each issue is so much better because I know (and love) the personalities behind its pages. I wish I had this opportunity at all of my favorite publications and brands!
Bloggers – I am just head over heels with this community of creative and supportive writers. I love how we push each other because we all truly believe in what we’re doing.

It’s hard to define this one, but I think it has to do with independence and self-awareness. Post-college life has tested me in so many ways and I’ve been able to come out of it with a true sense of my character and purpose. I’m ready and excited for what comes next, like when I can answer this question with something more tangible.

source: all images by Nikki

I visit Nantucket Island almost every year with my family and my happy place looks a little like this: playing games in the water during low tide at Jetties Beach, late night walks to the Juice Bar for ice cream in a waffle cone, cobblestones, Madaket sunsets, seersucker, hydrangeas…

I started my blog in June of 2009, right after I graduated from college. Blogging is where I get to constantly bring together all of the things I love: writing, cooking, design, desserts, parties, style. Where else in your life do you get to experience so many great things at once?

23 Responses

  1. […] am so thrilled to be participating in the Behind the Scenes series on vmac+cheese today! Victoria is one of my favorite bloggers…she is so genuine and supportive, plus we both […]

  2. She is seriously so sweet! Love her blog so much.

  3. great getting to know her – gonna go to her blog now!

  4. perfect answers Nikki! congrats on this beautiful post. so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished thus far. Only good things to come, girl! xo

  5. I LOVE seeing Nikki here, she is such a sweet + inspiring lady. It is so fun getting to peak into her life and learn a little more about her!

  6. Love to meet new bloggers through this series!

  7. I love your neighborhood Italian market idea (I just got hungry looking at the pics)! I’ll be heading over to your blog now :)

  8. I’m a new reader of Cupcakes for Breakfast but love the blog! Great learning more about her! As always, another great find Victoria!

  9. Love this and Nikki! <3

  10. How do I not know her blog? Heading over now… she is so cute!

  11. Love it. I just discovered your blog yesterday and now I’m off to discover hers. :)

  12. Another great Behind the Scenes – such a fan of Nikki’s blog and the delicious desserts she is always cooking up/pinning!

  13. I am so glad you chose Nikki! She’s such a gem and I’ve gotten to know her personally the past few weeks. I know for sure she’s going to enjoy Hemingway’s, A Moveable Feast. It’s been my favorite and definitely a source of inspiration. Thanks for featuring Nikki!

  14. Thanks for the intro, I’m going to go check out her blog!

  15. If I were to rename my blog, I’d call it Hot Dogs for Breakfast. I started reading In Defense of Food but I have terrible reading habits and having finished it. Ironically, I would totally recommend it. What I did manage to read was insightful.

  16. Lovely! So nice to learn more about Nikki and I love being turned on to new blogs! Will hop over to pay her a visit for sure :)

    Thank you for popping by today Victoria, I really appreciate it! Hugs,

    Nancy xo

  17. I would get along famously with Nikki!

  18. Perfect timing! I just discovered her blog — loved knowing the person behind it all!

  19. Great intro to Cupcakes for Breakfast! I adore all the pictures she shared to describe herself and her life. Thanks for sharing, Victoria!



  20. Cute post… I love finding new blogs to bookmark!

  21. […] I dive into this post, I want to first say THANK YOU to everyone for the amazing feedback of my Behind the Scenes post on vmacandcheese. A very special thanks again to Victoria for having me! I’m so excited to welcome my new […]

  22. I love these posts! I always find new fresh faces to follow and enjoy! Going to check out her blog now.

    Oh and she can take me with her when she visits all of those amazing places :)

  23. I love this Behind the Scenes look into another blogger’s world!
    So refreshing to see what dreams and wishes others have in store for their life!

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