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New finds from the summit

Alt was full of inspiring bloggers, to be sure. But you can’t IMAGINE how many unbelievably talented artists you’ll come across while you’re there. Lucky for us, most all of them offer gorgeous products that you can call your own. I love supporting these savvy, creative business people, so be sure to check out the following:

1. Sycamore Street Press. I got to meet Eva during an intimate Wednesday night dinner at Lugano. She is sweet as pie and her letterpress cards are adorable. So adorable, in fact, that I’ve seen them in my local Paper Source!

2. The Lugano dinner was sponsored by Joel and Greg from Visual Supply Co. VSCO film is a new software that allows you to give digital photos that highly coveted “shot with film” look. For not a lot of money, you can one-click your way to stunning, Pinterest worthy photos. See what all the fuss is about here.

3. I was delighted to meet Meg Biram from the blog Mimi+Meg. Have you guys ever checked out her artwork? Girlfriend’s got talent! I’m loving the colors she uses — they’d brighten up any room!

4. Via Tobe, I was lucky enough to meet the Kansas City ladies behind Ampersand Design Studio. Check out this bright pink ampersand print. I’m pretty sure you’re digging it.

5. On Thursday, Cargoh sponsored our lunch and was kind enough to work with their sellers to leave a little gift on every single seat in the banquet hall. Each gift was different. Mine was from Meeralee Illustration & Design, and I couldn’t have been happier. Meera Lee even hand wrote notes to go into all her gift boxes. Love it.

6. Friday evening before I flew back home, I met Jessica, the jewelry designer behind the gorgeous pieces at Dahlia Lynn. You’re going to be hearing more about this girl for SURE.

7. Also at Lugano, I met Karina, an artist and the founder of Cluster, an online resource that allows you to group your favorite pieces of art together into a single, unique piece. You can use patterns and graphics from Cluster’s gallery, or upload your own photos.

8. These hand painted beauties are the work of Courtney Khail, who I ran into over and over again throughout the conference! Based out of Georgia, Courtney spent hours handpainting hundreds of her gorgeous cards to be included in the Alt welcome boxes. A true labor of love — and it shows!

PS — Today I’m filling in for Irene over on designstILes, while she galavants about Central and South America. Pop on over to see what travel essentials I can’t fly without!

17 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for the Cargoh love in your post! So glad you liked Meeralee’s line, she is one of our favorites :)

  2. Thanks for including my work, Victoria! You are such a sweetheart.

  3. i love that bold ampersand print! xo

  4. Reblogged this on Gina Louisa Designs and commented:
    So cool!

  5. Love the doggie cards :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  6. Oh my goodness – SUCH awesome stuff! I am loving #6 – that necklace is amazing, definitely need to check out

  7. Victoria, your blog is beautiful and I feel honored to be included here! It was great meeting you at ALT and I will be following your blog. Love it!

  8. Thanks for sharing all these amazing finds!!

  9. Yet another reason why I am envious of your alt experience! Can’t wait to check these designers out more closely!!

  10. Love this!! Love your alt recap and LOVE your blog… it’s a daily read of mine these days! xxoo, ashley {a {little} dash of ash}

  11. It looks like Alt was a huge success – I’m so incredibly jealous! Thank you for sharing all of your new discoveries!

  12. That DahliaLynn jewelry is amazing. There are several pieces that look like DANNIJO pieces. I wish I could buy the Joan bib right now.

  13. I absolutely adore Courtney’s work and had the pleasure of meeting her a year ago at another conference. Thanks for sharing the other artists too. I look forward to checking them out too!

  14. Fun finds — I need that ampersand!

  15. No doubt you were surrounded by talented people. Love that blue and pink painting!

  16. Girl, do not make me follow Jess! She is on her a-game! I loved learning more about her!

  17. I have yet to look up all the vendors I collected from Alt… but seeing what you have here they all look amazing. I esp. love the #4 print!

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