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Think Pink

I’ve had the above image of a Central Park south apartment bookmarked for a while now. Taken by Jamie Beck, I still remember the immediate lift I felt when I first spotted this gorgeous Bergère chair in the apartment, which is owned by a woman in her nineties, if you can believe it! Looking at pictures of this place is like being in a time capsule. It’s amazing. And this isn’t the only hot pink item in the home… (Check out the full feature here — it’s extensive!)

I find this color so uplifting and cheerful, and I couldn’t help but put together a board with some hot pink items to brighten your day.

Do you think pink?

1. Christian Loubtin Pigalle Plato Patent Leather Pumps, $775 | 2. A.J. Morgan Lana Sunglasses, $25 | 3. PREEN Box Wool Crepe Skirt, $512 | 4. Steve Madden Vippper Booties, $169.95 | 5. IKEA Karlstad loveseat and chaise lounge, $828 | 6. Kate Spade Cherie Coat, may be available in some stores | 7. Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer, $349 | 8. ABC Home Thonet Chair, $129 | 9. Dooney & Bourke East/West Top Zip, $168 | 10. House to Home Calligaris Ice Chair, €122 | 11. Honor Pre-Fall 2012

{Image Credits: Pink chair in living room photo by Jamie Beck, Hot pink lipsBell sleeve part of Roksanda Ilincic SS 2012 CollectionOstrich feather, Pink tights and leopard print photo by Bonnie Tsang}

47 Responses

  1. I just registered for that hot pink Kitchenaid, I had to!!!

  2. Love each and every one of these, especially the pink Kitchenaid ;) Awesome picks!

  3. la vie en rose…totally! I love it!
    by the way, my husband gave me the kitchenaid this Christmas (in red, not pink

  4. loving pink! for Christmas I got a pink recipe box from Sugar Paper and absolutely love it!

  5. I love the tights + leopard… what an fantastic pairing! This whole spread is great.

  6. I’m not sure if I’d go for hot pink around the house (I tend to like a more neutral/restful aesthetic), but I’m all about wearing it. Those (trumpet?) sleeves on that dress on the runway are so elegant/fun. And the Kate Spade coat is perfect, per usual with their stuff :)

  7. Yes, yes! I love how a hint of bright pink can liven up anything!

  8. I am in love with the pink lipstick on the top right, do you have any idea what the name of it is?! :)

  9. I absolutely love pink — and these picks are fantastic!

  10. I’m dying over that pink Ikea couch! It’s fabulous. I already have that hot pink stand mixer, but I’m always looking to add more of this favorite color to my life!

  11. Perfection! This reminds me of a pink skirt I have in the closet, might have to break it out tomorrow!

  12. Such a gorgeous roundup, and if that pink chair isn’t convincing enough – I need to purchase a pop of velvety pink and know that it will still be stylish when I’m 90!

  13. I LOVE pink! This is such a great post! I’m especially into those pointy pink shoes :)

  14. thank you for brightening this chilly Jan day with this round-up! Love that Kate Spade coat :)

  15. what an awesome roundup. That hot pink chair is amazing – I wish I had somewhere to put it!!

  16. love the louis xv chair in pink! perfect for today!

  17. You know, I had never been a pink girl. Always more into navy blue, neutrals… and if I went for a pop of color, cobalt or kelly green. But lately, I can’t get enough of that bright-bright hot pink! I grabbed a hot pink Blythe blouse at J.Crew and am LOVING that coat you featured. Great round-up! (And I’m fantasizing about that chair… Stefan would never allow it in our apartment!)

  18. I totally think pink! So funny, I did a girly/pink roundup last week and thought, how have I not done this before? LOVE the chair. Too bad nothing like that is ever coming home with me – my ‘for like ever’ print was the compromise for pink and girly decor in our home and even that was a stretch!

  19. I LOVE pink. Seriously. Love. Fabulous post, Victoria. I can’t wait to look at the rest of the apartment tour. xo

  20. I adore that shade of pink :)

    XX Kathryn


  21. I love a pop of hot pink. Too bad my husband does not agree. That chair is stunning.

  22. Loving the pops of color. Its perfect to cheer up a bit for winter!

  23. I love hot pink…especially in unexpected places. It makes life more fun and happy. I’m looking forward to wearing pops of it here and there in the spring!

  24. Oh my Lord!!! LOVE this post!!! The suede shoes, the jacket, the dress!! I would die for the kitchen aid mixer too.

  25. p.s. you have officially inspired me to find a way to wear my pink jeans ASAP!

  26. Absolutely! Pink is my happy color. I would love a pink couch but it’s a hard sell to my husband :)

  27. All I ever think is pink! I need to branch out from it a little but it is definitely my very favorite color. Love the board you put together. And that hot pink stand mixer is my dream item! I love it so much.

  28. Yay it’s my favorite color!!! I used to have a hot pink couch from Ikea. It wasn’t the one you posted about…I loved the color but it was the most uncomfortable couch ever!! And I’m really excited about that chair being on sale!!!! I am def. considering getting it!!! xoxo

  29. Oh my gosh, yes please! My favorite color :)
    In love with #1, 6, & 11!

  30. This is a beautiful and welcome sight on such a cold dreary day…..love pink makes me so happy~!

  31. I love pink… such a girly girl! Lovely chair! :)

  32. Loving pink, especially that dress, simple but stunning!

  33. i posted about pink today too..but dying the tips of my hair pink for a night :)
    and that honor dress is amazing

  34. This just makes me feel good! Thanks for that, Victoria!

  35. Such a happy post, great colour! That pink chair would go well in my bedroom!

  36. Omgosh, I think pink allll the time! That chair is to die for! Love all the pretty in pink picks! If I wasn’t living my husband, I might have thought of upholstering my sofa in pink! haha.

  37. I’m dying for a yellow chair just like that pink one!! I’ve been really wanting to add pops of pink to my living room, but I might really be dead if I did, bc the hubs is not too fond of it. I need a lady den!

  38. I’m a sucker for the perfect fuchsia. Luckily my husband is color blind and pretty much lets me have carte blanche. I have a pink velvet I’m wanting to use on a project soon. Love this collage- it’s so happy!

  39. Yes I am obsessed with pink and the more neon the better. Great Picks!

  40. Oh wow! A pink Kitchenaid? How wonderful! And I love the Audrey Hepburn quote!

  41. Gaaah! I would kill for either of those bergeres…

  42. I absolutely love that hot pink KitchenAid!

  43. LOVE!! Totally in the mood to sport some hot pink right now after that!

  44. I adore this post. Hot pink is so rockstar! That plush pink chair you have had bookmarked for so long is absolutely to die for. And I heart #8.

  45. Hello perfect chair. I love how bright it is!

  46. I want everything – especially the pink couch :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  47. I love love the pink mixer. I wanted to register for that one, but the fiance said it was a bit too bright. We went with black, but I’m still wondering if I can do one of those pattern stickers or something to brighten it up a bit.

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