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I resolve…

There are always so many things I resolve to do, but these words pretty much sum it up. Do anything and everything to squeeze every last bit of goodness out of life. Of course, easier said than done, but another resolution to add to the pile: AIM HIGH.

What is your new year’s resolution?

{Sparkler image credit: Etsy via Pinterest}

25 Responses

  1. i have so many, definitely read more and save more! great list and happy 2012!

  2. You must have read my mind, too. Great list and great graphics!

  3. Love the juxtaposition of these lists is incredible. I want to read much more often and make time to explore my city/state more often. I always feel like a need to travel hundreds of miles to be a tourist. Thanks so much for sharing your lists!



  4. This is a great list! Excited for you to have a fantastic 2012! xo

  5. I love resolutions… Can’t wait to make my own list! I love how broad all your more and less items are :) I could definitely do with less hurrying and squandering and a lot more savoring and substance!!

  6. Agree with all the words… have a wonderful new year!

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  7. I saw New Year’s Eve the other day and it really inspired me to come up with a list of resolutions too. I have never written mine down and this year I will. I think it makes you commit to it a bit more. Big ones on my list: spending more intentional time with each of the kids & taking better care of myself. Good luck w/your resolutions!

  8. Love this! I think people tend to focus too much on specific goals, especially when it comes to weight loss. New Year’s resolutions are also a great opportunity to reflect on your outlook on life like you’re doing. Thanks for the post!

  9. Great resolutions! I need to stop worrying too! Bad habit. xo, rv


  10. Great list! Couldn’t have said it any better!

  11. Yes! I think that should be top priority on all of our lists in 2012!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  12. This is why I love this time of year…puts things in to perspective. Working on a resolutions post to go up tomorrow :)

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  13. love it. I could apply every single one of these to myself too. All the best wishes to you in the new year, Victoria!!

  14. So looking forward to the new Year…..need to put the pen to paper and commit to my resolutions!


  15. Good way of summing it up in a few words! Maybe resolution words are the way to go. Happy new year :)

  16. Pretty much on the same exact page. Need to savor more, fret less, enjoy the present!

  17. This is so much better than my annual resolution to lose weight and drink less.

  18. I love this list– need to save it and stick to it myself! Happy New Year!! xx

  19. […] I didn’t already love Victoria’s post on New Year’s resolutions for her good intentions, I would have been sold by the sequins and […]

  20. I just love this list Victoria! I could use it as my own without changing a thing. The simplicity of these words is perfect. I’m not one for New Years resolutions, but I love this. xo

  21. Now this is the type of new years resolution list I need! Simple and easy to remember. Adding these to mine. Happy New Year my dear! So glad we connected this year! Can’t wait for what is to come in 2012!

  22. i could sign your resolution right away!

  23. Love this post. GREAT resolutions! Hoping 2012 is your best year yet! xoxo

  24. I always have so many resolutions that from a few years back I have to narrow them to 50. LOL!
    happy new year sweetie!

  25. Happy New Year, everyone!! Whatever your resolution is (and whether
    or not you stick to it), I hope 2012 is your best year ever!

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