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Where the light is

autumn light [via X-it Flickr]

One of my absolute favorite things about this time of year is the light. I never used to notice it as much living in LA or in Texas, so maybe it’s a Bay Area thing… but I think that autumn light is stunningly beautiful. Both at sunrise and sunset, it has a gorgeous, warm glow to it (even when the weather is not so warm). The light makes the city look unbelievably pretty, especially when all the buildings take on a rosy hue in the evening.

I was looking at different photos, trying to find some that replicated the color of the light, and to be honest, it’s next to impossible. You’ll all just have to come visit in SF to see what I mean! However, my search did lead me to a number of sunrooms that I thought would make great spaces from which to take in the light. So, in your dream house, which type of sunroom would you want to lounge in?

One that’s bright and cheerful…

[via Apartment Therapy]

…or subdued and soothing?

[via Lonny Mag, Hickman Interiors]

Would it feel like a lodge…

[via Pinterest 1 2]

…or more like a library?

[via Pinterest, StyleMadeSimple Flickr]

Would you let the outdoors in…

[via ImgFave, Pinterest 1 2]



If you ask me, you couldn’t go wrong with either of these (my personal faves!):



So, which one would you choose to enjoy the sunlight?

12 Responses

  1. I think I’d be pretty happy in any of these spaces, but those little cozy window seats at the end are just perfect!

  2. I’d go with the library. Side note: did you take that photo at the top?

  3. oh, yes. i’d like to be in that last photo right this second with a cup of tea and book in-hand! lovely round-up! (and, yes, that house is pretty typical of historic kc architecture. gorgeous, right??)

  4. I absolutely love natural lighting in a house! These are all the perfect choices!

  5. beautiful. that yellow sitting room is just beyond! xo

  6. Love those glass enclosed rooms!

  7. I’m torn between the last two and the one that’s mostly black…such different looks but each so beautiful. Wish I was in SF to enoy the pretty sunsets!

  8. well, hopefully the light will shine thurs-sun up there. but mostly sunday. when its supposed to pour..but I love my NY Giants so much I will sit in the rain for them!

  9. Ugh – I want to see the SF light you speak of! You’re right… Texas does not have that warm glowy thing going on but my home town of Kansas City definitely does and I miss it. You’re sunroom picks are my favorite too! Such a “sunny” way to start off the week!!

  10. Right now I’d take any of these over my office. SOO tired right now! I especially love the simple ones with comfy sofas and big windows. I love pattern, but would probably keep a sun room pretty neutral.

  11. I agree- the light is beautiful! I’m a sucker for window seats, so I’d probably go with that one!

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