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Art Trends

I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my favorite aspects of keeping images I love stored in Pinterest is that over time, you can go back through your pins and spot trends. All of a sudden, it becomes very obvious what kind of clothing styles you like, or what type of decor you’re most attracted to. I’ve noticed I’m very drawn to watercolor art — either the abstract with lots of rich, saturated colors, or portraits of people.

Here are some pins I have stored away (both watercolor and not). I can totally see myself displaying pieces like this in my own home, so something must be working!

Art work sources:

1. Joanna Goss || 2. Happy Menocal, “Turquoise Matador” || 3. Original sketch by Jesus Del Pozo || 4. Andrey Ilyaskin for Cargo Collective || 5. Tobias Tovera, “Entering the Stream”  || 6. Tobias Tovera, “Hydra II” || 7. Pinned here, anyone know the artist? || 8. Original sketch by Frances

Do you have any art trends you gravitate towards? Any artists (including Etsy shops!) that I should know about? Share them below!

17 Responses

  1. 5 and 6 have a geological vibe. Very nice.

  2. I love all of them — specifically the unknown #7.

  3. These are stunning… I love them! Pinterest really is a wonderful thing… makes cataloging the things we love so much easier!

  4. Great idea for a post! I love one and two in particular, makes me wish I were better at watercolour!
    Pinterest is one of the nicest ways to waste time on the net, especially for putting together inspiration for projects. I have a lot of dance based photography on my boards, and food ideas!

  5. oh I love that 3rd one!

  6. Love #5 & 6! They remind me of the lines in an agate stone. Beautiful! ~jen

  7. I saw the bottom left watercolor on Etsy a while back and I didn’t bookmark it :(

  8. I love all your pics, but #2 is just winning me over today. Lovely blog! And, especially excited to get my occasional dose of SF~ one of my favorite cities. :)

  9. Oh my, I do like two. For some reason, I’m drawn toward geographic prints and landscapes as well

  10. Love no.7 Report back when you find out who the artist is. :)

  11. I really love Penelope Dullaghan (found her on Pinterest) and couldn’t resist to blog about here! I linked below :)


  12. My desired aesthetic is very similar to yours. I’m so drawn to abstract watercolor with lots of swirly colors. These are all beautiful!

  13. Love your art picks with the ix of abstract and portrait! I bet it would make a fabuous gallery wall! My current favourite source for art is Saatchi Online. SO much to choose from and prints are pretty cheap!

  14. Oh. I love art so much. Especially fashion illustrations :)

  15. Great picks!! These are all very me, in fact I too have the first one pinned. I am always tempted to throw in the towel on my own canvas and just buy one already. The Tovera pieces would be perfect!

  16. Those are beautiful pieces. I love the ones in the middle with the soft bands of color. Great choices!

  17. These are gorgeous and I think I’ve been pinning a few watercolors. Probably repins from yours. I’ve also been gravitating towards geometric shapes and neons. My mom just gifted me one of her pieces and I chose a charcoal number. Suffice to say, I love art!

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