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No place like home + giveaway!

{via Design*Sponge}

I’m back, I’m here, and MAN I missed you. Our vacation was fantastic (a couple more posts on that to come!), but can I just say? There is nothing like your own bed. I spent so much of yesterday catching up on shows with Joe, and of course, going through my Google Reader and writing posts. And it was amazing. I was on Twitter and email a little throughout last week, but WOW. You really don’t even know what a great creative outlet you have until you’re not able to, well, create!

So yeah, I heart blogging.

Like I said before, I’m going to share photos from our trip (and hotels) over a couple posts, but to settle back into the week, I thought I’d celebrate being home with a little gift for you. The kind folks from Aquiesse have very sweetly offered to gift a reader with one of their amazing candles, which I thought was perfect for today. Mostly because if you’re looking to settle back in at home and make things cozy, I personally can’t think of anything better than lighting a good quality candle! In fact, that’s what I did the minute I walked through the door last night.

Have you checked out Aquiesse candles before? They have a huge collection of home fragrances and sell all over the country, including Bloomingdales. I currently have been burning a Luxe Linen candle, and it’s such a unique smell! It’s described as being a mix of warm linen, bergamot, and herbal tea. I can’t say I’ve ever smelled anything like it… it’s very romantic and warm smelling, and I’m actually surprised by how much I like those aspects of it! Aquiesse is a new to me candle brand, but based on how this puppy has been burning and how good my office smells, it’s definitely one I will look to again.

So how do you win? Easy.

1. Just comment below. It can be about anything — what you did this weekend, just a note saying hi, or share which candle scent sounds the most intriguing to you. I’m just happy to hear from you after a week away from blogland.
2. If you’re feeling ambitious and would like an extra entry, follow Aquiesse on Facebook, then leave a comment below letting me know you did.
3. You can also follow Aquiesse on Twitter, then leave a comment below letting me you did.

One randomly chosen reader will get their choice of small or tin size candle in Shoreline, Rioja, Luxe Linen, Boardwalk, Sandalwood Vanille, or Frankincense and Myrrh (hello, holiday scents!). Sizes vary based on the scent you choose. The giveaway will close this Friday at 5pm Pacific time. Good luck!!

PS — Today I’m so excited to be guest posting on Stripes and Sequins! Grace is currently on vacay in Europe and has asked me and a few other fab bloggers to fill in for her. Be sure to go check it out! A guest post and a giveaway? Pretty good way to kick off the blogging week.

Some fine print: Candle both to me and giveaway winner provided courtesy of Aquiesse. Aquiesse did not pay me to write this feature.

34 Responses

  1. I love finding out about new candles and these sound like the perfect thing to light on a fall day!

  2. LOVE the grey glass on these candles – gorgeous! Hope your vacay was fab!


  3. LOVE the elegant taupe packaging on these candles. What a great giveaway!

  4. luxe linen…yes please!

  5. That room is heavenly… especially the stacked logs!

  6. Why Hello!
    Just found you via Stripes & Sequins – and I’m glad I did.
    And I had a fabulous weekend, thanks for asking :)

  7. I love candles all year round, but there’s something about cool weather that makes me want to always have one burning in the background! These candles sound amazing!

  8. I’m with you, travel is so much fun, but there really isn’t any place like home!!! And candles are the *BEST*…especially now that it’s cooling off! I’m really curious about that Frankincense and Myrrh scent…(c:

  9. I love the stacked logs in the room!!

  10. I am following Acquiesse on Twitter!

  11. I like Aquiesse on Facebook!

  12. I’m obsessed with candles! I was hoping to replenish my collection since I am running out of my Bath & Body Works candles. Thank you (:

  13. i would love to cozy up in that room with a yummy smelling candle. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  14. loved your guest blog on stripes and sequins today! im gonna rock a striped shirt with striped cardigan tomorrow :] ps i am addicted to candles and these seem heavenly
    oh and i am following you on twitter and added you on facebook!

  15. Welcome home! Those photos look so cozy. The Pink Peony sounds lovely. I am a sucker for anything in a peony scent. What a great giveaway!

  16. HI! I LOVE that homey image you used at the top – how ideal would it be to come home to that?! My weekend was so lovely, celebrating my 24 years (thank you for the birthday wishes) and hanging with the people I love most… I can’t wait to see pictures from your trip!!!
    Thank you for the giveaway – my sister and I are candle junkies..

  17. I’m here to say, I wanna win!

    Welcome back. Looking forward to your recaps.

  18. Ooooh I love candles!

  19. Oh fun!! We have a candle burning almost every night. I have to go to Bloomingdales and check these out!

  20. I would love to win :) I need some new candle scents!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  21. I am all about candles. They just make everything so cozy and romantic. I’ve never smelled one of these! keeping my fingers crossed!

  22. I follow them on facebooK!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  23. I don’t think I could ever have enough candles!

    and linen and tea? I think it’s me all over.

  24. Thanks for the giveaway – candles are oh-so-cozy for the fall, don’t you think?

  25. Definitely intrigued by the pink peony candles! Fun giveaway!

  26. Catching up on my blog-reading now and loving the re-caps about your trip, can’t wait to hear more. Also, LOVE that i just saw you are doing such a fun give-away :)

  27. your vacation looks amazing!

  28. I am mildly obsessed with candles and would love to try one from Aquiesse! I also now follow them on Facebook and Twitter. :_

  29. Oh yay I love candles and anything else that makes my house smell wonderful!

  30. I just started following you via Stripes & Sequins, as well, but welcome home! Great blog, and thanks for the chance at a giveaway! Nothing makes me feel more at home than relaxing in a candle-lit room. :)

  31. Their candles smell amazing. I have the Timber scent, and not only is it gorgeous, but it’s such a nice scent for autumn. The North Sea scent is calling my name too!

  32. How did I miss this giveaway Victoria? I’ve gotten into a recent trend of hot hot baths accompanied by lighting all of the candles I own and now must add these to the collection.

    PS. That potluck= get in my belly, except that I’m starting the Vmac inspired cleanse on Sunday and don’t really see any fitting in except maybe the tea.

  33. Just followed on Fbook as Julie E.!

  34. Just followed on twitter as @JulipMade.

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