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When vmac and designstILes met in San Francisco…

… there were cocktails to be had at Rickhouse. We were there so early they weren’t open yet. I kept pulling on the door to make us look extra lush-like. The bartender only hated me a little bit.

… Irene’s husband hid across the street, making sure I a) showed up and b) wasn’t a 55 year old dude. She told me this later. I thought it was adorable.

… we got so busy talking about blogs and learning about each other that we didn’t take any photos at Rickhouse. Blogger FAIL.

… there was a near beat down when some random tried to steal our cab. Between me, Irene, and the guy at the Westin who’d been trying to hail one for us, she didn’t stand a chance. She fled the scene, shamed by our verbal lashing. Take that, cab stealer!

… French fries and sparkling rosé were consumed across town at Bin 38. The only two ‘scene setting’ photos of the afternoon/evening:

… we attempted the fashion blogger gaze-off-into-the-distance-and-look-pensive face. And by attempt I mean took things to another level. And by took to another level I mean we look crazy and like we’ve never seen the sky before. Hey, there’s the wine bar we hung out at in the background!

… we introduced our respective men to one another. It’s true, I’ve met TH in person now (read that post, and trust me, you’ll feel like you’ve met him too). I liked him a lot. Him and Joe talked about sports and whatever else blogger husbands talk about when thrust together at a wine bar. So, fabrics and furniture shopping, and what they’ve been pinning, obviously.

… ended the night by taking a real picture. How cute is Irene? (And if anyone cares, that’s Joe on the right side, paying close attention to what’s going on).

… 5.5 hours later, we hugged and said goodbye, and I walked away happy to know that Irene is one of the sweetest, most genuine and most down to Earth gals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! How else to say it? I dug her. She’s a cool, cool lady. We had such a fun time gabbing about blogging, growing up, and of course, sipping on a cocktail or two. I’m trying to harass her into going to Alt so that we can play again. (Hey, speaking of which…are any of you going?) I’m SO glad she and I were able to meet up and an online buddy became a real life one. Everyone says it and it really is true — this is the absolute best part about blogging.

Irene, thank you for taking time out of your quick trip to SF to meet me!! I hope the rest of your weekend was fabulous.

14 Responses

  1. This looks like SO much fun!!! Sort of jealous :) And I love the blogger husbands being bffs!!

  2. Hah! love the “staring blankly at the sky shot.” Sounds like a great night.

    Wish I could make it to Alt… maybe one of these years.

  3. It looks like you guys had a blast, so funny about the taxi and so cute about her husband keeping eye beforehand. It really is amazing when bloggers become your friends!

  4. Sounds like you ladies had a GREAT time! love the cab story because that happens way too often to me! ;)

  5. So cute – looks like so much fun!! Hope the rest of your weekend was just as fantastic! xo

  6. Oh, that looks like such a fun time. It makes me so excited to meet you! That line about what the men talked about cracked me up…xo

  7. Irene is a pretty radical person! So glad you guys had a great time. I love that your blogger husbands were thrust together! Good thing guys have sports in common!

  8. looks like we took some hallucinogenics and were in awe of the moon. : )

    Great, great meeting you. ‘Til the next time. Enjoy your road trip! Play some Kid Cudi.

  9. Look how cute the two of you are! Love it. And I’m totally positive that the men folk were actually discussing how much they loved each others outfits (c:

  10. Y’all are adorable!! How funny that the hubs waiting to make sure you were you. I spent the weekend with Brynn from Chartreuse and a twist and totally didn’t take pictures bc we were having way to much fun and drinking wine. so i failed as well. we will always have the memories, and i hope she took pics!

  11. Aww this is so sweet, you two look like old friends. Of course I wish I could have been there too, as does everyone else here.

    I heart Irene too!

  12. […] It was so cool meeting up with someone who I probably would’ve never met if it weren’t for this crazy world the internet has created. It’s a bit scary meeting someone in person who you only know through a computer screen, but all was safe and she didn’t at all try to kill me. She’s way cool, intelligent, talented and gracious. For more of our get together, visit vmac on her blog. […]

  13. Cute outfits! Looks like y’all really had fun

  14. Aww looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Love that last picture -two very stylish ladies! :)

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