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Hallelujah! It’s Friday. This was one of those week’s that started out seeming like it would go by quickly, but really dragged towards the end. Thank goodness the weekend is here! Tonight, I’m headed over to a friend’s house for a casual dinner party. She’s making two types of lasagna and breaking out LOTS of wine she’s been saving — yum!

Tomorrow will be the first Saturday in quite a while that Joe and I will be together and have no big plans on the agenda. I can’t WAIT to sleep in, get coffee, squeeze in some time at Blog Brunch, then spend the rest of the morning and afternoon watching movies and catching up. It might be time to break out the Dutch oven and braise something delicious, too!

This week had no shortage of fantastic links. Be sure to check these out if you’re having a lazy Saturday (or Sunday) like me:

+ Remember those adorable language videos that circulated a few months ago? Through someone I follow on Pinterest, I discovered this post dissecting all the different fonts used in the Paris video. Love stuff like this! And if you haven’t checked this out before, don’t miss it. Nothing puts a smile on my face like these videos.
+ It’s taking the blog world by storm! This week, Danielle, Alexis and Viviana all shared their guilty pleasures. Jenn, you really hit it out of the park with this idea.
+ Something for me to obsess over for the next few years until I own my own home: a round-up of the most amazing, top of the line ranges a cook could ever ask for.
+ One of my favorite days in France last summer was our day trip to Versailles. I was happy to learn about this book set through this post on Habitually Chic. Totally going on my wish list!
+ On to delicious things I want to make this weekend: Sara shared this recipe for homemade carnitas, and considering that they’re one of Joe’s favorite foods and this sounds like it would smell delicious, I think I just may have found my Saturday night winner.
+ Another great recipe and perfect for anyone throwing a party this weekend: Apple Cranberry Sage Bites. How yummy (and autumnal!) do these look?
+ Kind of wish my hair was just a liiiiitle bit shorter, so I could try this easy looking low chignon.
+ Thinking of launching a business? (I know lots of you are!) Design*Sponge put together this super helpful business launching 101 post. And if you haven’t already, be sure to follow their biz ladies series. It’s a great resource.
+ And finally, my absolute favorite post of the week, maybe of the month. A reminder that nothing is ever perfect. But that the end result can end up being just as good as (and maybe even better than) whatever perfection you had imagined. Thanks, Nikki!

Have a lovely weekend and (oh my gosh how can it be) Happy October!!

{Image Credit: Jose Villa}

10 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out! and love your links! Let me know if you like the carnitas recipe. Have fun at the dinner party tonight!

  2. have a great weekend!

  3. 2 types of lasagna?!? delish! Looking forward to blog brunch!

  4. Happy october to you too! Hope your weekend is great and that you get around to making those cornitas!

  5. have a LOVELY weekend relaxing with your man :) those are always the best kind of weekends

  6. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned!

  7. Thank you for including me! Wonderful roundup.

  8. I want to try that Beauty Department chignon! So cute!! Have a fun relaxing weekend with Joe :)

  9. I love that you started the guilty pleasures thing. The other night TH and I discussed our guilty pleasures over dinner. I should share mine too!

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Happy weekend to you! Off to read these links! xoxo

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