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I’m so happy and excited that it’s the weekend! For one thing, one of my best guy friends from college will be up from LA visiting Joe and I. He ranks pretty highly on the list of people I wish I could see more often. And two, we’re finally hosting that housewarming party we never had. Hooray!

This week, there was so much inspiration to be had in the blogosphere. It never ceases to amaze me how creative, resourceful and talented people are. Here are some of my favorite links:

+ Jacquelyn shares a recipe for homemade granola bars. Perfect for the mid-afternoon snack (and way better for you than peanut M&Ms).
+ Have a quiet weekend planned? Check out these awesome DIY projects Erika shared. Whether you’re a novice (me) or a pro, there’s an idea for everyone.
+ I’m seriously considering looking into a vacation at Dolphin Island, as featured on Kim’s blog. How amazing does this look? Wouldn’t this be the perfect getaway for you and 7 of your favorite friends?
+ Is anyone going to watch that new Rachel Bilson show, Hart of Dixie? Check out a behind the scenes look on how costumes are selected for the show.
+ Via Daniella Marie, I found this delightful looking rose geranium sea salt scrub. So easy to make, and perfect for a spa night at home.
+ Did you know Versace is doing a collaboration with H&M? Yeah, me either! Hopefully they learned some good lessons after the Missoni/Target mess. Will you be lining up to score some pieces?
+ You might’ve seen this amazing redesign of the Hotel Yountville on Elements of Style a couple weeks ago, from designer Lisa Holt. Yesterday, Lisa’s folks let me know that she is auctioning off an outdoor space makeover on behalf of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, an alliance working together to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals and the environment. New outdoor space at your house + charity donation = sweet deal.
+ The ladies behind Blog Brunch tweeted out this great list of Photoshop actions. If you’re currently using Photoshop for photo editing, be sure to check these out — there are some good ones!
+ Finally, I think I’ve been convinced to go to Alt Design Summit. Like 85-90% convinced. Are any of you planning on attending? Be sure to let me know!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday!

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7 Responses

  1. DVR is already set for Hart of Dixie! How can I not watch Rachel Bilson and an alum from Friday Night Lights? Hoping it doesn’t disappoint. Happy Housewarming Weekend!

  2. I’m down for some partying this weekend!!! And the Alt summit sounds like a fabulous party, I hope you do decide to go! And that hotel in Yountville is so perfect for this time of year, I’m in the mood for a good chic lodge to curl up in (c:

  3. Fun! Enjoy your visitor and your house warming party. Off to check out all your links. x

  4. This is an excellent roundup! Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. My parents lived in Yountville for 10 years – it’s lovely, and obviously the food cannot be beat! Now they are in Napa…yah we have it rough visiting my family in Napa and Hawaii, don’t we?

  6. i hope we get that to 100% soon……..! ox

  7. Playing catchup… love those DIYs!!! Hope you had a FABULOUS weekend, lady! xox

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