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Bottoms up

I have been looking for an antique bar cart for as long as I can remember. And by that I mean at least two years. I’ve written about it before, but the basic premise is that these things are always so damn expensive. Call me crazy, but something about spending thousands of dollars on one was not especially appealing. I didn’t want or need anything too fancy — just something with clean, simple lines and vintage charm. And glass shelves, it had to have glass shelves.

So you can imagine my surprise, delight, and sense of “OH MY GOD I HAVE TO BUY THAT NOW” when I happened across this little bar cart in the window of Past Perfect, aka the antique store located next to my gym:

You guys. This little cart was $95. I’m not joking. Before you get too jeals, it’s not in perfect condition. The metal has a bit of patina, and one wheel is a little wonky. But it’s simple, chic, and was $95. So I don’t mind!

The tray on the top shelf is a brass bamboo serving tray, also vintage. I found it online last week from this antiques dealer for $16. And that’s including shipping. I know, I flipped out too. Apparently, it was my week for vintage steals.

Now I just need to give the thing a little scrubbing, and find a tray for the bottom. Maybe some different accessories and glassware as well. Right now I’m using some things I had on hand.

What do you think? Such a good find, right?

16 Responses

  1. that’s quite a find! go, you! you can’t really tell that it needs any clean up. but that’s coming from a girl that typically likes her things worn. my grandma has a bamboo tray just like yours but squared, and i’ve been admiring it since i was a kid. great score on it – i’ve never seen one so inexpensive! and alsoooooo (because i haven’t said enough here) i love your decanter! i’ve been thinking about starting my collection….love the bit of fancy they add!

    and now i’m done.

  2. I have that same vase in my living room :) Loving everything about this bar cart. The books, the glasses, the artwork. great job!

  3. this is bananas – SUCH a great find! I am WAY jealous

  4. WOW Victoria! What a steal. When are you having us over for drinks? Unfortunately we don’t really have space for a bar cart in our place so I am making due with a “bar tray”. Btw, where did you get that glass decanter from? I’ve been looking for pretty ones to glam up my bar tray.

  5. Amazing, V!! I love it! Bars are the best living room accessory!

  6. Total steal. Good find indeed. As is the tray for 16 bucks, including shipping. I get so excited when I get a good deal. Makes up for those times I feel I’ve been ripped off.

  7. I so love this and so glad bar carts are making a comeback!

  8. ohmygosh! love love love! That was such a lucky find! It looks amazing and was so reasonable. I love bar carts, so classy and elegant!

  9. I love it!! I was searching for a bar cart for ages too and was blown away by the obscene prices. Then I happened across a chrome and marbled beauty on Craigslist and brought that baby home with me for a little over $100. It’s a good feeling!

  10. Nicely done! I am probably not going to get one of these any time soon, simply for the reason that, after last weekend, I’m going to discourage myself from drinking liquor

  11. YES!!! i am so jealous! it’s gorgeous!! what a steal and it looks so perfect with all of the pretty bottles! i had to comment because the name of your blog reminded me of my post for today! ;) ;)
    xo ~ ks

  12. Such an awesome antique find! It looks perfect. The tray works well with it.

    xo lamb loves

  13. Congrats on the shopping luck! That’s the best feeling, especially when you think of how much you would have spent for something similar without an interesting history.

  14. This barcart is stunning and so is your styling!! Wowsers!

    I think you’ve just convinced me to take a 1 hour drive to the country back to the antique shop where I saw a beautiful brass bar cart a while ago… for $190!!

  15. Girl this is a FAB find! I love how simple and chic it is! Would love to have one in my dining room, but alas, not luck…so far!

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