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Though it’s been great being able to spend time with family this past week, I’m so glad to be heading home later today. Joe is already back in SF and is planning our usual Friday night date. It’ll be the perfect thing to help me settle back into SF before the work week starts in a couple more days.

Here are some links for your weekend:

+ David Lebovitz hits up Twitter HQ. I wish my office had a cereal dispensing station like theirs!
+ If we all pool our resources, maybe we can buy Lauren Conrad’s gorgeous LA home. You know, the one from The Hills. It could be blogger central! Who’s with me?
+ I was sent this video on 100 years of style by a friend, and I’ve also seen it circulating. It’s cute. Don’t miss it.
+ A great new Tumblr for your daily perusal: Note to Self. It’s the Tumblr of an equally adorable blog. Fantastic photo finds, no?
+ Major eye candy alert. Schumacher has debuted their new collection of fabrics and wallcoverings. Considering I’m still on the hunt for a fabric for those custom pillows, this is good and bad. Good because the options are gorgeous, bad because they’ll probably cost an arm and a leg and a first born.
+ Some very inspiring (and true!) words from the husband of one of my favorite bloggers.
+ A sneak peek on how Massucco Warner Miller interior design organizes fabric and wallpaper samples.
+ New blog I like that I think you’ll like too: The Fresh Exchange. Great post ideas, terrific graphics, all around awesomeness.
+ Everybody knows Jenna, but I was so thrilled to see this interview with J.Crew’s head women’s designer, Marissa Webb, on Harper’s Bazaar. I think she’s pretty fabulous too!
+ And finally: when I think about the fact that it’s been 10 years since 9.11 happened, I truly and honestly can’t believe it. CNN actually wrote a comprehensive piece (for once) about the World Trade Center memorial, which will open this weekend.Take a minute to reflect on where you were when you heard the news. It’s amazing, all that has happened between then and now.

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11 Responses

  1. Schumacher’s new collection is amazing, I think I browsed for a good hour. Feeling very sentimental about this weekend, it blows my mind that it has been ten years. Happy weekend!

  2. Definitely going to check out The Fresh Exchange. Thanks for the introduction

  3. As always, thanks for the links! You make me feel like I actually have some connection to the design world. ;o)

  4. Great roundup of links! And I totally LOLed when you busted out with the good poisoning comment :) You’re cute!

  5. im ready to move into LC’s house with you!

    and it is so odd thinking about 9-11. In a way it seems like forever ago and then again I can remember so vividly the moment I woke up to my alarm that morning. NY Mag has their commerative issue that I found to be amazing. It has things from first responders to the mayor to the babies born that day to even Saturday night live and their first episode back and how to handle it. I an anticipate Sunday to be a day of tears for many, but I try to think of hte positives..the selflessness and unity we all felt. I come from a military family so I’ve always every day of my life, but I think since that day I always looked at it a little different, with a little more pride.

  6. *that was supposed to say flown a flag

  7. I loved that post by Erin Gates’ husband, too! I am also married to a level-headed person and am grateful for him each day.

  8. hard to believe it’s been 10 years. My sister was here 10 years ago on a roof witnessing 9/11 downtown and now I live downtown and she is in tx. Always remember. xx

  9. Great links! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Loving the link love…hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)

  11. Thank you for the link love!
    xo – Sarah

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