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Five Things

Friends, you’re going to have to forgive me. Things have been so busy here in Texas, that last night, when I sat down to write this post, it just wasn’t working. I had a couple ideas, but then I couldn’t find images (don’t you hate it when that happens?). And to be honest, I think I’m a bit run down from spending time with family, helping out around the house, cooking, running errands, etc. So this morning, I’m going to subject you to five random thoughts.

1. Does anyone know from what publication the above photo of Jenna Lyons originates? Those pants are from the Fall 2011 collection, so it must be semi-recent. Obviously taken in her fab living room. She’s the only person on the planet that could pull off  those pants with a wide striped sweater. The rest of us would look like we got dressed in the dark. (UPDATE: A very kind reader informed me the photo is from the Sept. 2011 Vogue UK. See below in the comments for a link with more photos!)

2. Last night I saw a TJ Maxx commercial featuring this blogger. I was seriously excited. With blogging, sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re a small drop in a big pond, but really, we all make up this vast network that has SO much sway, and businesses are definitely taking notice. Between the commercial and the recent mentions of other style bloggers in mags like Vogue and Lucky, it’s clear bloggers are becoming a HUGE force to be reckoned with!

3. I’ve never really been a baby person, but after spending last weekend with Joe’s nephew, I’m so smitten. Once I get permission from his mama, I’ll post pics, promise! Joe and I were talking about him last night on the phone, and funnily enough, we both agreed that we miss him already. A six week old baby. But he’s just such a cute little nugget!

4. I found this photo a few weeks back and think it’s so subtly hilarious. Work would be infinitely better if there was Moët cooler talk instead of water cooler talk, don’t you think?

5. If you could invest in any one wardrobe staple right this very second, what would yours be? I was thinking about this the other day and how big money is best spent on accessories. In case you’re wondering, my pick would be a trench coat. Preferably Burberry.

5a. Hey, did you hear? Tonight is this little thing called Fashion’s Night Out. Is anyone going? I am definitely…not. Nope, tonight will include dinner with my family and probably an old movie. It’s gonna be wild. I’ll love every second of it.

If I can get it together, later today I am planning on taking photos of some things my grandmother has in her house and sharing them here. I seriously wish I could give all of y’all a complete tour of her home. She has many amazing things, each with a good story. Her home is so perfectly collected. I never appreciated it as a little girl and am glad that as an adult, I can finally sit down and talk to her about all these beautiful items she owns. So stay tuned for another post later today (fingers crossed!). And in the meantime, thanks for reading my random ramblings.

UPDATE #2: Look for the post with pretty things from my grandmother’s home next week! There are some good’ns too…promise.

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14 Responses

  1. I loved all of your ramblings. I agree on the trench coat and the Moet cooler made me laugh!

  2. Whoa, never seen that image of JL, amazing! Actually, all of these images paired with your lovely ramblings. I totally agree, life has been hectic lately, it is hard to catch up. Love to see bloggers popping up here and there, there is hope! Hang in there, my dear.

  3. that cooler is hilarious!!!

  4. can i just ditto everything here? 1- you’re allowed a break every once in awhile. real life is awesome :) 2- i kind of think i could pull that outfit off if i were standing in her glorious living room. it looks like a magic room to me 3- bloggers and little nuggets are both awesome, and i get excited every time the impact of the blogging community is reinforced 4- suddenly, i need nothing more in my life than that champagne cooler. or red wine would be fine, too. hell, i wouldn’t even turn down tequila some days 5- yes to the trench. or my fave black boots died last season, so i’ll be on the hunt for a classic pair of those STAT.


  5. Ha ha the cooler is awesome! And totally feel you on all other points. A Burberry trench is a definite must — I refuse to settle for less which would explain my lack of a trench at the moment. But hey, it doesn’t rain that much in So Cal!

    Bloggers are definitely a force, but I feel like you have to have 10,000 followers to get noticed. Hey but I love my 1000 readers so I’m not complaining ONE BIT!

  6. I’d get black, flat motorcycle boots – no extra embellishments, studs, etc. Seems like those are in every season!

  7. The photo originates in Vogue UK–September 2011. Hope it helps.

  8. What I would do for that champagne cooler ;) Love all your musings!

  9. So, How’s Texas so far? I enjoyed reading your random thought in this post. I felt like I was reading a lifestyle newspaper. Oh, Jenny Lyon’s collection is so cool, are you a fan as well?

  10. I hadn’t seen that pic of Jenna before either. She is just amazing – one of my icons for sure. Thanks for all of your kind words on S&S… it’s been a crazy week in NYC – between Lucky, FNO tonight, and BNO tomorrow! Wish you were in NYC, would love to meet!

  11. i would be all about a water cooler like that… haha. that is amazing. if i ever have an office, i’m going to dummy one up to look like that.. just for the sake of being swanky. :)

  12. Aaah, I had never heard of that blogger. So many of them out there it’s a full-time job just trying to keep up. Amazing what’s come of the blogging community. And to think so many people aren’t aware of how powerful it is. I’m like the only one of my friends who has a blog.

    Champagne cooler talk. Genius. They should have those at parties too. Although work sounds like a more fun place to have it at.

  13. i think the first pic is from Vogue UK – last months edition.
    just found your blog via small shop. loving it :)

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