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Yea or Nay: the fur vest trend

In photos, I typically think that the ladies who dare to go for it and accessorize with a fur vest completely rock it. It’s such a statement piece during the cooler months, and the vests can be dressed up or down.

Huge surprise, OP can don a fur vest like no other. Though I must say, I’m pretty sure this one is real, and for me, that’s a huge no-no. Faux or nothing, in my book.

So yes, sartorially speaking, fur vests can look amazing. However (with these types of things, isn’t there always an ‘however’?), I was in Nordstrom this past weekend, and within 10 yards of walking through the entrance, spotted three different vests (apologies in advance for the terrible cell phone pics):

In person, when confronted with the option of throwing on a fur vest, it all just seemed a little Sasquatch to me. So they may fall in that category of “things I like in theory but could never pull off in practice.” I also noticed that the quality of the vests varied greatly. Choosing the right one, with fur that doesn’t fro out or frizz or shed everywhere is of the utmost importance if you go this route.

What do you think? Fur vests: definite do for fall, or passing trend best left to the street style fashionistas?

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19 Responses

  1. The penultimate photo looks quite real too…

    I love faux fur but I think that akin to animal prints, it has to be the right, shape/pattern/colour. With gillets especially they can look a little too bulky but the photos you’ve shown show how they look when they’re matched well with the person, not too sure about the second one though.

    It’s like leopard print, which I love, there’s so many styles and colours of leopard print and it can range from tacky to class or where it oozes sex appeal.

    So on the vest/gillet vote I’d say Yay, just people need to make sure they actually like the way it fits them and whether the one on the shelf suits them rather than just buying it because it’s fashionable. Also, people should make sure to read the labels, many ‘faux’ fur items have real fur in them but it’s dog or cat or some other ‘common’ animal which is required to be labelled as fur.

  2. sorry, which ‘isn’t’* required to be labelled as fur.

  3. I agree with you – in theory, looks amazing, but I don’t think I could ever pull it off. Maybe, maybeeee one good outfit, but then my purchase would be over. So, not worth it! Those girls are rockin it though.

  4. you basically took the words right out of my mouth. i WANT to like it for me, but i just can’t. looks amazing on these ladies, though….

  5. I give this trend a resounding YAY. It is hard to find the perfect vest, but once you find it it looks fantastic over everything!!! I got a shaggy TopShop one a few yrs ago and wear it constantly.

  6. Super cute in theory (and when fake) but much too trendy for me I fear. I’m happy that layering weather is coming back, though!

  7. I guess I’m in the minority because I am totally going to do it! I don’t live in a very fashion-courageous area but whatever, I love the look with some jeans and a button-down blouse, maybe even a dress. I say have fun with fashion, otherwise we all look like we shop the same stores and play it safe. Boring! (write the person who works from home)

    • Erika, you could rock a trash bag and look awesome! : ) I have no doubt you’ll
      post pics of an amazing outfit built around a fur vest, and I’ll probably pin it,
      wishing I could pull it off too!!

  8. I’m with you. When I see them on certain people/bloggers, I’m like, Oh, I can sport that. But nope, no can do. I feel silly in them. I have a faux fur coat that I love, but I rarely wear that either. My dog is scared of it and it feels like I’m playing dress-up when I do wear it.

  9. I get more compliments when I wear my Lanvin x HM fur vest than any other thing in my closet. Total implulse buy since I was throwing everything in my bag that morning, but so glad i kept it. I wear everything else super simple. Plain gray or black sweater under, jeans, and plain flats and simple bag, no jewerly.

  10. YAY, I say!! I have one myself (BB Dakota). I did feel a little silly the first time I wore it, but I got so many compliments that I felt much better about wearing it by the end of the night. :) They are not all created equally though; you are absolutely right about that!!

  11. I say YEA! to the fur vest. Because there’s nothing like having an uber warm body but super cold arms. All kidding aside, I say yea because vests are oh so cozy and the faux fur introduces a different texture

  12. First, thank you for your incredibly sweet comment on my proposal post yesterday. you are such a sweetie.

    OK – to fur or not to fur. I skipped the trend last year, feeling quite similar to what you are now. I love the faux fur look and style and regretted not jumping on that band wagon last year, so I’m definitely not missing it this year. You have fab style girl and know you can rock a fur. It’s all about confidence right?!? Fur please!

  13. when done right — YES but i’d always go with faux!

  14. LOL I had to laugh at your Sasquatch mention. I have felt that way too depending on the fur vest. If it’s too shaggy it’s most defiintely a no-no to me. I have one fur vest that I’ve had for about 6 years that I still wear and love. And I’m with you, it has to be faux :)

  15. I love a faux fur vest- rock it with high waisted or flared jeans with a felt wide brimmed hat or fedora and I’m in love.

  16. I say yes, but even know they are every where I can’t find one that I love for less than $700.00. Most of them look cheap, are a odd length and are bulky.

  17. Finally catching up on bookmarked posts and coming over from Liz’s blog {sequins and stripes}. Not that I need another blog to add to my reader, but how can I not add yours?! It’s just too good! On the fur vest trend, I agree- I love it on these ladies and I want it to be for me living in Chicago {land of coldest winters eva}, butttt I just don’t think I can pull it off.

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