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Space to Inspire

I have a big sketchbook at home that’s filled with tear sheets from magazines and catalogs. It’s one of my favorite ‘creative’ items, because generally things that make it into the sketchbook are things that I look back at months or years later and still think “YES, I know exactly why I like this image!” It could be colors, or a feeling the photo gives me, or an outfit that’s styled really well, but the only criteria to make it into my inspiration sketchbook is that the image speaks to me in some way.

I was clearing out some old catalogs and magazines last weekend and started flipping through a spring issue of Traditional Home when I rediscovered this Chicago home. Needless to say, several of these images are definitely going in the sketchbook.

So obsessed. I love the color composition in this image. The gorgeous orange walls in the foreground are offset by that amazingly pretty turquoise greyish paint color. I’m not upset about the herringbone wood floors in the doorway there, either.

This image will get pasted in to the sketchbook because of those pillows. They read almost contemporary against the otherwise traditional tufting in the bench and molding on the walls, especially since their color is a bit unexpected. Seriously though, that wall paint color? To die for.

This image is okay, but it’s really posted here to give you context for this next one:

DYING. I love these two patterns together!! And those chairs are really something.

This last one probably won’t get pasted, but I couldn’t stop staring at it online. Mostly because I’m typically not really a fan of damask anything, but in this context, I thought it was interesting how this whole space had a more masculine-luxe speakeasy vibe than what I’d normally associate with damask. Right???

Other than online places like Pinterest, where do you save images that inspire?

{Image Credits: Traditional Home}

7 Responses

  1. i have so many folders on my computer saved with stuff. about every 6 months I sort them and print the ones I like in a folder.
    I havent jumped on the pinning bandwagon, I feel like I will never stop. I was thinking of doing a tumblr to organize but its all just so much!

  2. Oh my gosh these images are amazing. I love the use of color and texture! I have an old expanding manila folder that I need to divide and conquer, it is so refreshing to see images that aren’t posted all over the web!

  3. Can I move into this home!! Those prints and colors are very appealing. I love those gray ottomans in the picture with the grand piano. Speaking of grand piano, I would LOVE to have a space to fit one and I would LOVE to have one as well. Perhaps, I’ll pick up paino lessons after losing interest 22 years ago, I focused on Ballet instead.

  4. Um, I think lucite stools in that last pic deserve a place in your sketchbook! ;o) Love the pattern play, especially because as you mention they are juxtaposed against a very muted traditional backdrop. Nice balance, perfect for SF!

  5. WOW fantastic! These images are amazing, i love the use of color and texture! I am very inspired from your this post..
    Thanks for sharing with us..

  6. Upon reading this post, I realized I must invite you to my Napa Style Q&A Sept 14 at 10 am PDT. RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124748234290666

    I want to hear from people like you in our discussion of wine country inspiration and design. Hope you can join us, Victoria! Love your blog.

  7. Dying was correct…that image of the rug and chairs blew me away…..

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