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Office Work

When we moved to our apartment in 2010, we weren’t sure if we’d be staying more than a year. So quite honestly, I didn’t really put a lot of money into sprucing up my office. It’s a tiny little room, probably no more than 7’x10′, with very high coved ceilings, and it’s definitely the room I spend the most time in. It’s home to my big, dark brown Parsons desk and a Victoria ghost chair, and because I didn’t want to buy new storage, my IKEA Billy bookcase from college. But beyond a bit of paint on one wall and some art work, nothing else was really done to it. Because of the location of my office in our house, it’s the first place I tend to dump stuff off and the last place I visit before leaving each morning. Translation: I end up leaving my shoes in this room A LOT. And if you can really read between the lines, since no money was put into the space for better storage, you can imagine that there were often shoes all over the floor.

Last week, I hit my breaking point and decided something had to be done, whether we moved 5 months or 5 years from now. I couldn’t take it anymore!

The first step was to get rid of the Billy bookcase, which served as storage for the shoes but was also kind of an eyesore. To both replace and gain storage, I created a ‘shoe gallery’ wall, inspired by all the fabulous shoe displays I’ve seen on sites like The Coveteur. I used IKEA Ekby Tony shelves, which are about 4′ long and a super high gloss white. Joe helped me install them with some simple silver side brackets, et voilà, functional shoe storage that I can style with books and art work!

I took these photos almost right after installation. Trust me, this is a million times cleaner and more organized than how it used to be! I’m letting myself get used to the shelves, then inevitably, I’ll swap out books and objects with different things from other rooms in the house.

I also moved the location of my desk, so now it directly faces my ever-growing gallery wall:

Considering I’ve only spent a couple hundred bucks on paint, frames, a rug, a desk chair, and now shelves, the room is surprisingly homey, and most importantly, surrounds me with many objects and memories that make me happy! It’ll always be a work in progress…that is until we actually decide to move.

8 Responses

  1. looks fab! I hear ya though..my office has become a black hole! But i’m in this I want to move no matter what so I just kinda deal with it but I think I’m reaching my breaking point. and poor Georgie..my college futon in there that has many a box for goodwill on it is his favorite place to nap, and he is squashed.

    Have you dont a full house tour? I would love to see it!

  2. I’m currently in the midst of redecorating the office/bedroom and its been a long time coming project. I love what you’ve done with the area!


  3. I love your collection of art. My sister’s a teacher and I think she’d really appreciate the multiplication flash cards.

  4. I’ve never been a shelf person but I love your idea of using them for shoes. I’ve been looking for cool ways to arrange my shoes and this is giving me some great ideas. I love the blue wall!

  5. Oh I love it! What a great solution! Plus aesthetically, it’s inspirational and feel-good to be surrounded by things you love. I definitely did the same with my office recently. You’ll find it’s a revolving collection. ;o)

  6. Wow – this is great! I love the pic of the shoes on top of the books. So smart!

  7. The office is looking awesome! Love all the picture frames. I need to find a room where I can do that :)

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