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Presents from the shoe fairy (me)

Even though my birthday was yesterday, I’ve done some shopping in the past few weeks and chocked my recent purchases (and the AmEx bill to follow) up to birthday gifts for myself. Three of my favorites are these pairs of shoes:

You might remember me mentioning those Nine West platform sandals here; I ended up finding them for a STEAL online and was able to get them in store (they still have these available in larger sizes too, and the price has gone down even further!). I’d also been eyeing the J.Crew Collins suede peep toes for a while, and was really stoked to grab them up when J.Crew sent out one of their extra 30% off sale coupons. The big birthday splurge, however, were the Madewell archive leather boots — I finally got them when I was in Austin a few weekends ago!

I’ve already been wearing the heck out of the heels, and can hardly wait for fall to get here so I can pull on those boots.

Have you indulged and bought a gift (birthday or otherwise) for yourself recently?

UPDATE: I’ve gotten a couple emails about the Nine West ‘Stylin’ sandals so I thought I’d provide a little more info on how to get a pair! They’re so deeply discounted, it’s a steal, but you probably noticed they only have large sizes available online. My advice is to call your local store and see if they have them in  your size (mine did! In fact, they had both a 6.5 and a 6, which allowed me to see how both fit). They should honor the online price, if they’re not on sale for the same price in your store. If your local store doesn’t have them, and you still really want them, Piperlime also has them, but they’re a bit more expensive. Good luck!

UPDATE #2: It would appear that Piperlime has now sold out of them completely. Best bet is to contact your local store!

6 Responses

  1. Oh girl…I am *dying* over those Nine West beauties!!! They are absolutely fantastic…and I’m glad I’m not the only one that starts justifying my shopping as “birthday shopping”…but mine is usually waaaaaay before the b-day (c:

  2. I love all of those shoes! Those boots are perfect for fall and I’m sure you will wear them a ton, making them worth every single penny! I usually allow myself a few “it’s been a long week” or “you need something new for the weekend” purchases every now and then! And of course in February when the bday rolls around I get a few of those, too!

  3. HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday (one day late)!! Love your shoes! I ALWAYS buy myself a birthday gift; my birthday was a month ago, and I still haven’t bought myself anything yet. Tonight I plant to buy a bath cart from Restoration Hardware for our new home though! :)

  4. happy belated! i have had my eye on those nine west beauties for awhile now…kudos on your steal!! they’re out of my size…phooey!

  5. I did similar damage to my credit card around x-mas gifting myself a new pair of boots. These are all fabulous and I’m definitely going to look around for the Nine west sandals. Although, lucky for my giant bunny feet the larger sizes will work perfectly.

  6. Happy belated! My bday is next week 8/24. Love summer birthdays, and I will definitely be buying myself something here soon, most likely a purchase for Fall as well! Love all three pairs – what scores!

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