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Midnight in Paris

It’s been almost a year since Joe and I spent an unbelievable nine days in Paris. Throughout the last year, when we’ve been particularly stressed (i.e. in desperate need of a vacation), we’ve often escaped by reminiscing about favorite moments, places and spaces in the City of Light. It usually goes something like, “Remember that night we ate ice cream in the Tuileries and sat watching people place bocce while the sun set?” or, “Remember that little cafe we found in the 7th and they brought us that Burgundy that we got to drink while watching the Eiffel Tower light up?”

There’s no other way to spell it out: Paris is a magical place.

Which is why when a co-worker recommended I see Midnight in Paris, I was instantly intrigued. “You simply have to go,” he told me, “Paris is basically a co-star in the movie. It’s just beautiful.”

I still haven’t seen the movie (now I really want to!), but I watched the trailer and indeed, the lovely Paris makes many an outstanding cameo in the film. Le sigh.

Anyone seen the movie? Did you like it? Was it total Parisian eye candy?

{Image Credits: All images taken from the trailer, which can be seen here}

2 Responses

  1. I saw it! You will love the movie. I highly recommend not reading anything about the film and just go in and enjoy it – it’s a really sweet film that makes you feel good. And it REALLY makes you want to move to Paris. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Plus I think you will enjoy the outfits quite a bit.

  2. Okay, now I am *desperate* to go see this movie! I haven’t been lucky enough to actually get there in person (yet), so I figure this is the next best thing! (c:

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