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I fully expected to put up a post today that said something to the effect of “Now that the Royal Wedding has happened and we’re all completely OVER IT, here are some links you should read this weekend!”

But after (accidentally) waking up at 4am and watching the wedding footage for an hour, then seeing clips of the pair at the altar (with Will telling Catherine how beautiful she looked), watching them kiss (and blush, big time), then smiling as they drove away from the palace in a vintage Aston Martin adorned with streamers and a license plate that said ‘JUST WED,’ I can’t even pretend. I’m so not over it. The wedding was stunningly beautiful, and even with the entire world watching, managed to be heartfelt and real. It’s such a wonderful thing to celebrate in someone else’s joy, even when you obviously don’t know them. But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were beaming and radiant, and it was hard not to smile with them. Congratulations to the happy couple!

So, once the wedding euphoria wears off, and you’ve had a nap, and really are ready to read about something else, here are a few non-wedding related links from this week (they were hard to come by this week, not that I can blame anyone! I’m guilty as charged too).

Roxy from My Cup of Te shared this delectable looking stuffed tomato recipe. Thing is, they’re stuffed with eggs. I love savory breakfast items and I can’t wait to try this recipe soon.

And here’s another recipe I think you’ll love. Yesterday, I introduced you to Lesley. Today, let me introduce you to her linguine with asparagus, chanterelle and shiitake mushrooms! Looks delicious, right? The good news: it’s super simple to make.

I thought this DIY tutorial on painted paper cups from Design*Sponge was awesome. This would be such an easy way to customize disposable cups at your next party — much more chic than having people scribble their names on cups with sharpies!

I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but have you seen Lauren Conrad’s new blog, The Beauty Department? I am really, really loving it! They’ve had some great tutorials, useful tips, and the site is very well designed. Way to go LC and team!

I was swooning over this mini-home tour featured on Honestly…WTF. Bet you’d never guess in a million years which major Hollywood actress apparently has a penchant for buying and flipping high end homes!

I can’t quite remember where I first learned about Taigan, and to be honest it kind of doesn’t matter. That’s because I’m not enjoying the shopping element of the site so much as their magazine, Fetch, and their blog site (I guess that’s what it is?), Taigan Finds. Their various blogs have some really interesting features! This one on Strange Invisible Perfumes, a promo for one of the shops Taigan is currently hosting, had me intrigued. I’m going to LA the first weekend of June, and am already planning to stop by SIP in Venice. I’ll report back for sure!

Have a lovely, blissful weekend everyone!

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2 Responses

  1. The wedding was, in a word, *BRILLIANT*. Kate was the perfect bride, they look so very in love, and it was a real life fairy tale come true! Who can say no to that?!? (c: I’m going to have to check out that LC blog…and I’m going to be as shocked as anyone if I like it! Cheers and happy weekend!

  2. hi lovey!! thanks for the link back :) operation wine country is under way!! hip hip yay!!

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