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Monday Musings: Will you watch the Royal Wedding?

I know Royal Wedding coverage is everywhere right now, but for me personally, I find it exciting! Okay, maybe the whole jelly bean story is a little much (as is this Kate & Wills themed fridge…um, really???)…but other than the non-stories being “reported,” I’m really looking forward to this Friday.

So, this Monday’s question is simple: are you planning on watching the Royal Wedding? If so, are you attending a viewing party, or do you plan on staying up late (or waking up early) to see it? 

Though I’m excited, I’m going to be watching in a more reasonable fashion: I’ll be watching the festivities during the afternoon with a friend. Thank goodness for DVR!!!

PS — In honor of the big day this week, I’m planning on a series of Royal Wedding related posts. And I also promise there won’t be any posts about finding Kate’s face in a piece of toast, or anything similar!

{Image Credit: AOL}

4 Responses

  1. Oh yes absolutely! Love a good royal wedding and this one will be brilliant!

    I will be watching part of it via digital broadcast (I’m in Sydney) and the rest at a ‘Royal Wedding inspired formal High Tea’ event the next day. Will be a blast for sure!

    x Charlotta

  2. I’m definitely waking up early, I hope some of my girlfriends will wake up and watch it with me!

  3. I am so looking forward to the Royal Wedding! I am excited to wake up early and watch. Will you pull an all-nighter, given that coverage will start at 1am your time?

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