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TradHome and online shelter mags: your thoughts?

By now I’m sure many of you have heard about the newest online magazine on the block: TradHome.

The love child of Lonny and Traditional Home, I must admit that I was pretty impressed with this one. But with it’s debut, there are a few things I’ve been pondering…

When you think about the number of online magazines available right now, it’s amazing to also realize that Lonny has only been in print since October 2009. Since then, with the premiere of each new publication and as the ‘old favorites’ continue to produce, each one has carved out its own little niche and audience and voice (at least that’s how I perceive it). But it’s also clear that the online design/shelter/lifestyle magazine market is becoming more and more saturated. I’m curious — what are your thoughts on this trend? Do you think any or all of these magazines have staying power? Which online pub has been your favorite so far and why? Is there anything you dislike about online mags?

For me…hmm. Do I think there’s room for everyone? Sure. Do I think that all the publications that enter the market will be around in the long run? Probably not. This isn’t to poo-poo anyone’s work — quite the opposite, really. It takes SO much hard work and effort to get these mags to print (to wit: the editors of TradHome said the next issue won’t be out until fall, simply because of the amount of work that has to go into each issue. When you consider that TradHome has the largest masthead of any of the digital pubs I’ve seen, it makes the publication frequency of mags like Matchbook a little more astounding).

I also believe that some of the mags have major advantages over others, namely better editing, art direction, and most importantly, advertisers. It’ll be interesting to see how advertising plays a role in the success of each publication (I wonder if it’ll mirror the print industry at all?).

In any case, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this trend, and whether you see any particular mag coming out on top of the rest.

{Image Credits: TradHome, Lonny, Rue, Matchbook, Dabble, High Gloss, Adore}

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  1. Everyone has read this but me!!! I have family in town and I am trying to save it for when I actually have time to sit and enjoy it…because I’m *SO* going to enjoy it! I think they may be my fave online mag…(c:

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