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Monday Musings: Closet Inspiration

One of the tradeoffs of moving to an older apartment was that I gave up a walk-in closet for what could definitely be classified as a broom closet. In fact, it’s almost painful to think about the space I used to have.

Yesterday, thanks to Moodboard, I spent some time re-organizing my blouses completely by color (previously, I had them organized by sleeve length then color). I think having everything grouped together solely by color really helped me see what I might be missing in my wardrobe (and note to self: I’m not allowed to buy any more items in royal or sky blue, and no more light pink, either). I made a mental challenge to myself that the next time I’m out shopping and see a blouse or sweater I like, I have to purposefully purchase the color I don’t naturally gravitate towards. I know I’ll thank me later.

But even with this minor re-org, I’m SO coveting a bigger closet space. What girl wouldn’t kill for one of these?

So here’s my Monday question for you: if you could have one feature of these INSANE closets, what would it be? The lounge-like atmosphere? A chandelier? Glass doors to showcase your clothes? A fun, unexpected wallpaper? Or rows and rows of shoe cubbies?

I would take any and all of the above, though I’m a big fan of closets that allow you to display (or almost merchandise) your clothes. I think a mannequin would be a must!

10 Responses

  1. Since we are moving soon I reorganized my closet and got rid of a few things I don’t wear anymore. I had my blouses organized by color but found that didn’t work so well. I now have them organized by type.

  2. My favorite part of these are the little sitting areas to get ready!

  3. I would take any one. I BEGGED for the guest bedroom to be used as my closet. Lost. So not ok

  4. I would love pretty much any one of those closets- I have a nice walking it but no natural light or seating—– so sad.

  5. Umm…. one of those shoe bookcases!!! Of course, then I’d need a lot more shoes. Gee, darn.

  6. Oh I would most definitely take all of the above! I have a walk in closet but it’s so jammed packed that I can’t even walk in. I’d love a larger one with fabulous lighting and drawers. One day when I move out of my small NYC apt :)

  7. Um yeah, my first answer would be “all of the above” but if I had to pick just one, it would be a fabulous shoe cabinet to house all my lovelies! (c:

  8. I’d love a place to sit/lounge and admire my super nice closet. Haha. A nice big shoe space would be pretty amazing too!

  9. I love the lounging area that some of them have so you can sit down and view everything. All that room for everything…that’s the dream.

    I just moved into my new place & have already filled up my 2 closets. i bought the real simple hangers to see if that will help free up space, but i really need your help to go through & get rid of stuff i don’t wear anymore!

  10. Skip the closet- give me a full on dressing room please!

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