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Like a bandit

To say that this past weekend was a shopping success is a bit of an understatement. Beginning Thursday afternoon, my grandmother and I took the Bay Area by storm, hitting up boutiques from Union Street, to St. Helena in Napa, to the flea market in Alameda. I came back with lots of great items, including some fun new jewelry, shoes and other little home accessories. Here are my favorite finds from the weekend:

Tory Burch Victor Perforated Wedges…on clearance at Foot Candy in St. Helena!

Stone bookends from Baksheesh in St. Helena. I was SO happy to discover this store, which sells fair trade, handmade goods from around the world. So many beautiful items, and extremely affordable at that! If you are in the area, I highly recommend you check it out.

A French grain sack throw pillow from Euro Linens (a favorite vendor at the Alameda Flea Market!). I couldn’t believe that this grain sack just happened to have Joe’s last initial and my last initial stitched into it. What are the odds? It was a no-brainer purchase.

directoire side table

And the pièce de résistance. I have been searching for a side table like this for AGES. I thought they were called campaign style, but after looking around on the Internet when I got home yesterday, it seems most people refer to this as the directoire style. This table is made of brass, with a black marble top (you can see the top better in the first photo, with the shoes). I spotted this in one of the stalls at the market, but hemmed and hawed over getting it. My grandmother and I walked away, but about an hour later, I was still thinking about it. That’s always a sign.

I came back to the stall, only to find the table (and a ton of other furniture) loaded up onto a big cart. I was too late! A woman was standing near the cart though, appearing as though she had bought all of it. When I asked her about it, I found out that she was actually the seller, packing up for the day….and the items were destined for Past Perfect in the city, where they’d have prices two times as expensive as what she sold them for at the market!

She was happy to sell me the table, and at a discount too, since she was trying to get rid of more items before heading home. The table needs a bit of TLC (he’s a little dull and dingy in this photo), but it’s nothing a few screws and brass polish won’t fix. I absolutely love it!

What did you do this weekend? If you were in California, did you go out and enjoy the weather? And if you were anywhere east of Oklahoma, did you stay warm???

7 Responses

  1. You found some great stuff! I love St. Helena.

  2. Holy Smokes, you did make out like a bandit. A very stylish one. Love, love the shoes. And the bookends come in at a very close second.

  3. Amazing finds! I love them all. Sounds like my kind of weekend :)

  4. Looks like quite the successful weekend! And that pillow – love when everything falls into place like that!

  5. Wow, you really did hit the jackpot!

    I crave those wedges. Be sure and show us what your wear with them.

    • I have been coveting a pair of high heeled oxfords like this for so long…the wedges were a perfect twist! So far, I’ve only paired them with some basic gray cords or skinny jeans. I need to play around with a few different dresses they might go with!

  6. Good job! I die for that table, somehow I missed it when I was there. Just found your blog through Patine, nice read :)

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