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The Liquid Snuggie

So there are a lot of things I love about living in a home that was built in 1914. The insulation is not one of them.

Although our humble abode has central heating, it takes a lot to get the place warmed up (read: it’s super expensive), so often times at night, we just turn the dumb thing off and burrow under our down comforter and heavy pajamas.

Getting up in the morning is killer, let me tell you.

Sometimes though, even when the heater’s been running for hours, the house still won’t get above 70, and the only way to get warm is to take a hot shower. So yeah, the other thing I don’t love about living in a home built in 1914? A very small bathroom with the narrow bathtub to match. As temperatures have dropped here in SF, I’ve been day dreaming of a bathroom with heated floors, a huge, luxuriously deep soaking tub, and a towel warmer at the ready so that I don’t spend five extra minutes standing in the shower working up the nerve to turn off the water and step out into the cold.

I think any of these would do nicely.

What about you? What’s your ideal bath taking sitch? Somewhere light and bright, with a girly glam accent like a chandelier? Or somewhere dark and soothing, maybe with lots of natural elements? Would the bath require a city view, or a sweeping landscape? Personally, I’ll take ANY of the above…so long as the tub is extra deep and the water super hot. Some rose or gardenia scented bath salts wouldn’t be so bad either.

{Image Credits, top to bottom: House of Turquoise, Simply Seductive, Everything Fab, FeeFeeRN, Just Be SplendidGrieg Design, FeeFeeRN, Dead BarbieBetter Homes and Gardens}

6 Responses

  1. I think the first 2 might be my favorite, although it’s hard to pick. I would take any!

    I also love the outdoor one with an ocean view. What money can buy…

  2. I’d take any of the above too, since I only have a stand-up shower myself. I love the whole look of the 2nd room, but would really feel inhibited by the many potentially peeping neighbors across the street! My father has a shower that is 100% exposure–clear glass doors and two full-length windows peering over a lake. My friends have dubbed it “the porno shower”. Classy.

  3. Oh, my gosh! You know, I’m a Northeastern girl, but I spent a couple of years in the Bay Area, and people’s lack of fortitude when it came to the cold always amused me. You mention your house not getting above 70; wow! We keep ours at 65-67 and just keep piling on sweaters and blankets. I guess you get used to it [although I do love spending time in stores that crank up the heat in winter].

    • In my defense, I have only ever lived in Texas and California, so I’m a total wuss when it comes to the cold (even though I MUCH prefer it over the heat!). I visited Manhattan in February a few years back and almost died. Prior to that trip, I had no concept of what 5 degrees felt like. It’s not fun.

  4. That beach-front bathtub is pretty incredible. But I’d take the fireplace and the flat-screen, too!

  5. I could do without a runny nose or, even worse, a slightly bleeding nose, which sometimes happens because of the dry indoor air. But, I love my fabulous winter coat, and I’ve got a great array of scarves and hats to wear, plus I think lambswool, cashmere and silk are my favorites textiles.

    To get back to your topic, the first photo is amazing. I think the only reason I’d want to own a house would be so that I could pick out an incredible, oversized, deep tub for myself.

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