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Fall Indulgences + A Wish List

Welp, it’s official. Summer 2010 is gone, and today is the first day of fall. We’re just a hop, skip and a jump from the holidays! To celebrate this glorious time of year, I did a little shopping last weekend in LA. Worry not — a lot of these items I was lucky enough to get on sale!

From the top left corner, across: (1) Craftsmanship Capelet; (2) Ariana Tipped Cardigan; (3) Obscured Flora Dress; (4) Wool tuxedo short; (5) Rational Ruffles Tee; (6) Herringbone Bell Skirt

Y’all, I am beyond stoked about the yellow and grey plaid herringbone capelet. I didn’t know if I could really pull of a cape look this fall, but the great thing about this little piece is that it’s belted. The cinched-in waste helps minimize the voluminous sleeves, and this thing is WARM. For $118, I thought it was a steal.

The fact that I bought $29 tuxedo shorts also surprised me a little. But after trying them on, and pairing a couple different items with them in store, they were just too fabulous and fun to leave behind. Even if I only wear them out to dinners (I’m already dreaming up a New Year’s Eve outfit to wear them with!), I think they’re worth it. They’re felted wool, and have ribbon trim on the sides, along with a little waist-tie bow to finish them off. Adorable.

So while we’re on the subject of deals and steals, here are some items that have definitely NOT made it into my fall wardrobe, and unless there’s a serious sale or J.Crew suddenly goes bankrupt and sells their entire collection for 85% off, these are pieces I’ll just be dreaming about this season:

Top to bottom, left to right: (1) Disco Tartan Top; (2) Paper Chain Bracelet; (3) Brompton Hobo; (4) Collection Lacey Top; (5) Belstaff for J.Crew Naima Jacket; (6) Metallic Sequined Bell Skirt; (7) Ruby Tweed Jacket; (8) Belstaff for J.Crew New Broad Bomber Jacket

And, some looks I really love:

For me (obviously!) no one does fall apparel like J.Crew. But enough about my unhealthy obsession with Jenna Lyons and the fact that everything she touches turns to gold. What about you? What’s got you inspired this season? Share some of your favorite fall finds in the comments!

2 Responses

  1. so the formal shorts are here to stay! any thoughts yet if they will make their debut at your office too?

  2. Ehh, they were given the big thumbs down by co-workers in terms of appropriateness. BUT, at the price point, I can’t NOT keep them!

    Also, the little ruffle waisted skirt I got is on sale now. I’m gonna shoot for a price adjustment. Keep an eye on yours too! It might go on sale soon.

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