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Malibu Dream House

On Saturday, while we were in LA, my friends and I decided to make the trek out to Malibu for a little afternoon hiking. We couldn’t have asked for better weather: there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the early morning marine layer burned off just enough so that once we hiked up into the mountains and looked out over the ocean, the sea and sky fused together and the horizon disappeared. It was spectacular.

So spectacular, in fact, that it was completely, totally, 100% obvious why people put up the money (and put up with the traffic going back into town) to live out there. Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, it was fun to marvel at all the gorgeous homes.

I wonder what that one looks like inside, I kept saying to myself. Even beyond the interiors, I also wondered what the view was like for some of these beach front properties! Curious as ever, I did a little investigating once I got home.

There are plenty of real estate sites out there that can show you interiors of every type of home imaginable in Malibu. But when I thought of Malibu beach homes, there were two that specifically came to mind because they have been recently featured  on camera. The first was the Sex and the City house, featured in the first movie back in 2008. The house, inhabited by Samantha and Smith, was NOT a set, as I would’ve assumed. Check out this unbelievable home:

I love how much natural light is in this home, and how airy it feels. It’s very serene, HOWEVER, I think that eventually I’d get sick of how modern and minimalist it is. I’d be afraid to ever bring in my own personality with objects, because I’m pretty sure they’d clash with the decor. Wouldn’t it be great to spend a (very long) weekend here though?

Next up, I couldn’t get the house featured in Entourage a few years ago out of my head. In the series, the guys stay at this house during a summer, while their own house in the city is being renovated. The story goes that the house belongs to Jessica Alba, but that part I don’t think is true. A little more Italian villa in style, this home has an incredible patio:

And the money shot:

Amazing, right?

This last place (and my personal favorite) was featured in Elle Decor, and is so different than what you envision for the typical Malibu beach house. I kind of am digging the more traditional interior that could be transplanted into almost any home, no matter the locale, and be just as fabulous. Along with chic and sophisticated interiors from designer Michael S. Smith, the views are as phenomenal as one could hope for.

This home has his and hers master bathrooms, and this is the “his.” I can’t even imagine Joe getting ready in this space each morning. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself! I adore the masculine, rustic/Roman feel of the room, courtesy of the little x-stool and the mosaic tile “rug.”

This is the “hers” bathroom.

Not too shabby either!

The home’s library is so comfortable and light. I could curl up with a book here and enjoy the ocean air for hours on end.

I have to say this last home is the one I’d pick for my Malibu dream home, simply because it looks lived in. I could easily make it my own!

What about you? What would you look for in a Malibu dream home? Would you want something sparse and spa-like, or a richly decorated retreat?

{Image Credits: Sex and the City house, Come to Malibu; Entourage house, Malibu Locations; Elle Decor}

2 Responses

  1. Lovely post. I’m a glass lover so my favorite is the first house.

  2. I love the third one – definitely my favorite. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere too modern either. I am more french/english country or craftsman than modern.

    you know what house i would be interested to see? giada’s. she has her new ‘giada at home’ show based there, i believe, and it looks amazing.

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