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Ten Things Tuesday – Birthday Edition

Now look, I’m not one to draw my birthday out into a birthweek, so I promise, this is the last you’re going to hear about it. But I was thinking about how it’s been well over a decade since I became a teenager, and that while it feels like so much time has passed, it also feels like it was a millisecond ago.

I was thinking about my sixteenth birthday over the weekend. I was at summer camp, away from my family, and spoiled little brat that I was, I had a new car waiting for me at home already.

Just like everyone says, back then, I thought I knew everything. But if I could, I’d write my sixteen year old self a letter with these ten pieces of advice:

1. Don’t worry so much about the future. Plan all you want, but you just can’t predict the curveballs that’ll be thrown your way. Do your best to live for today and enjoy the moment. You won’t, but try. Wake up everyday and try.

2. In love, you should be with someone that makes you laugh at least once a day. Don’t settle for anything less. He’s out there, promise.

3. Invest in a flat iron. Embrace your waves. And stop telling your stylists to layer your hair. It just makes things worse. Also, wear sunscreen on your face.

4. Never apologize for who you are or where you come from. There’s a whole world of people out there who will love you for you.

5. Save all of your clothes from J.Crew, unless they’re worn out. Everything will come back into style eventually. GIVE NOTHING AWAY.

6. Enjoy this time with your family. When you grow older, everything changes.

7. Even though you think otherwise, you really DON’T want to be a southern girl. Just be yourself. In another ten years, all trace of a southern twang will be gone from your voice and you’ll feel embarrassed to say y’all.

8. Learn to save money. Turns out, it comes in handy once you’re on your own.

9. Do more nice things for your mother. She does a lot for you.

10. Don’t regret the things that have happened in your life. Every moment, every interaction, every good thing, every bad thing has shaped who you are and who you’ll become. Spend less time wishing things were different, and instead, appreciate what you have and how unique you are.

One Response

  1. i love #3. layers always seem to lead to trouble after i try to wash & style my hair myself.

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