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Ten Things Tuesday

From a lethal-but-delicious fruit punch, to sunny days, to double rainbows, here are the things I’m loving and coveting this week:

Rickhouse punch bowls

Friday night, we celebrated the end of a long week with a visit to Rickhouse. I had heard good things about their cocktails, but as I’m no longer a downtown girl, I hadn’t had a chance to see what all the fuss was about. My happy hour compatriots had the amazing idea of starting the weekend off with a bang — the bang being a Rickhouse punch bowl. Pricey, but delicious, the punch is served up in big milk glass bowls that look as if they were salvaged from antique shops or Craigslist, and I loved the mix of different styles all displayed together. You’ll laugh at the fact that your guy friends are drinking punch out of dainty little milk glass tea cups — and after a few sips of this potent stuff, it’ll seem even funnier.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

After stocking up on Laura Mercier‘s oil-free tinted moisturizer this weekend, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t written about it before. Long one to eschew any type of liquid foundation, my skin started acting weird this past January (read: began aging) and my usual dusting of translucent powder was no longer cutting it. Still not wanting to glop a heavy foundation on my face every day, someone recommended Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, and I’M HOOKED. The coverage is even, lightweight, and really does just feel like you’re putting on a moisturizer. You can build coverage if needed, but with even a sheer coating, my skin looks much better. If you have normal to dry skin, and hate the idea of heavy makeup, give this a try!

HTC Aria phone

The rumors are true. After 4 years, I’ve finally put my beloved Motorola Razr to rest. Amazing conversation piece though it was, it was embarrassing to answer calls on that thing in public. A quick trip to the AT&T store, and I’m the proud new owner of an HTC Aria. I surprised myself by going the HTC route and not the iPhone route, but so far, I absolutely love it. As best I can tell, it’s exactly the same as the iPhone in terms of functionality. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I can finally send and receive text messages. I know, welcome to the 21st century, Victoria. Geez.

Sunny days in SF

How do you know it’s almost summer in San Francisco? When your mornings are foggy and your afternoons are sunny and gorgeous. The split personality weather is always the precursor to the warm, breezy, break-out-your-sundress days of September and October. I can’t wait!

Tipsy Pig crab cakes

The Tipsy Pig is a popular gastro-pub on Chestnut Street in the Marina neighborhood of the city. I’ve been there a few times for drinks, but have never eaten their food and have definitely never been lucky enough to snag a coveted seat on their gorgeous outdoor patio, complete with teak furniture and heat lamps for those cold SF nights. Sunday afternoon, Joe and I were sauntering through the neighborhood and stopped in for a late brunch. And we got a table on the patio! It was sunny and perfect — a wonderful accompaniment to the crab cake sliders I ordered. Y’all, these were legit — 100% crab in these cakes, with no bready filling. I can’t remember the last time I had a crab cake that literally had no breadcrumb in it. You really get your moneys worth with these.

Three Twins ice cream

Whole Foods was giving out free samples of this ice cream over the weekend, and holy moly is it good! Check out the coffee flavored ice cream, flecked with chunks of dark chocolate. It was so creamy and satisfying.

The Double Rainbow Song


What does this meeeeean?

The Social Network

Via my buddy Andy, a first look at The Social Network, a film about how Mark Zuckerberg sorta-kinda-totally stole Facebook. As an early adopter of Facebook (circa summer 2004, when only 11 schools were on it, and you couldn’t upload photos and there was no Wall), I’m really interested in seeing this one!

New Bed?

While browsing Z Gallerie this weekend, Joe told me he liked this bed. Obviously, I nearly fell over from shock. He’s never liked anything that had tufting on it for as long as I’ve known him. People, this is a HUGE first step that opens many doors in the world of upholstered furniture. While the bed is okay, and a definite improvement over anything else he’s ever said he liked, I’m not 100% sold  on it. But this is promising, very promising. All of my boyfriend training may have finally paid off.


Is it sad that I’m listing Sluggo as one of my musts for the week? I don’t even care. I bought this beautiful basil plant to put out in the garden, and snails or slugs (or both) have completely ravaged it. As we named the plant Bonsoir (Joe’s favorite French word), we’ve become particularly attached to it, and I’d rather get as much pesto out of Bonsoir as possible.

Poor Bonsoir.

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