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Ten Things Tuesday

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on the site before, but we’re going to France.

Oh, you hadn’t heard?

In honor of the trip, which starts later this week, this edition of T³ will take a look at some things in Paris that I’m most looking forward to. This trip is a little unique I have no idea what’s in store (usually I’m a vacation planning queen), but I think I my approach was so laid back this time because no matter what we do, I know it’s going to be a fantastic ride! (And if you have any last minute suggestions for me, please chime in on the comments!)

Also, a bit of housekeeping: while we’re gone I’ll be re-posting some VMAC + Cheese favorites here on the site, so hopefully you won’t miss me too much! And of course, once we’re back, be ready for Paris photography overload.


Seeing Versailles is for sure near the top of my bucket list. And I don’t even have a bucket list. For as long as I can recall, I have been fascinated by the former seat of the French monarchy. The story of the palace, and the court antics that took place therein, is just so fascinating! Versailles is probably the tourist attraction I am most stoked for. If you’re interested in reading about what Versailles was like during the 18th century, check out Versailles: Biography of a Palace. The book details the history and culture of the place — you won’t believe how gross the palace could be!


Current Paris plan: Take Metro from CDG to hotel. Dump stuff off at hotel. Go straight to Ladurée and purchase macarons, preferably in pistachio, rosewater and chocolate. There are a few places in the Bay Area that make great macarons (Miette and especially Bouchon come to mind), but I am fairly certain that once I take a bite of a Ladurée macaron, there will simply be no going back.

Le Louvre

While L’Orangerie and Musée d’Orsay are probably more my speed, the Louvre is, of course, iconic. Did you know the main building was actually once used as a palace? I can’t wait to see the many spectacular Renaissance works, and of course, Signora Giocondo.

Bateaux Mouches

Oh boy, I can’t believe I’m even admitting this one. As a San Franciscan, I should know better — our city is chock full of tourists taking noisy duck tours, riding the cable cars (read: holding up traffic), and renting bicycles from Bike ‘N Roll to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, where they’ll inevitably stop to take pictures (and hold up traffic again–bike traffic, that is!). Of course, I’m grateful. Tourists are essential to any local economy! So maybe I don’t feel too bad in telling you that there’s something about the bateaux mouches — those long, open air boats that traverse the Seine — that I find really fun and irresistible. I have heard they are a fantastic way to see many of the sights in Paris from a unique viewpoint, and am looking forward to taking a ride on one.


From gothic to Haussmann, Paris is home to so many styles of architecture (the city, after all, is ancient!). I’m hoping to snap lots of pictures of the varying styles! If you’re in Paris and see a 20-something woman stopping and looking upwards at building façades every few feet, say hi. It might be me.

Le Vin Français — en France!

I’ve been enjoying fantastic French wines stateside for years — and I can hardly wait to taste it across the pond! What will also be fun is the availability of interesting, completely quaffable vin de pays that we would never be able to find here in the États-Unis.

Fruits, Vegetables, and other local food items

This past Sunday, I was making some scrambled eggs for breakfast, and suddenly, I wondered — how will the eggs taste in France? Or the cherries? Or the strawberries? I am “lucky” in that fruits hitting their peak here in the Bay Area are also probably available in markets in Paris, and it’ll be an experience to taste the differences.

La Boulangerie

For completely obvious reasons. And what would la boulangerie be without…

La Fromagerie

We plan on walking most places, to offset the effects of me stopping in one of these every other block.

It’s Paris. France. What’s not to love?

{Image Credits: Versailles-OpethPainter (recently featured on Versailles website, via a photo contest!)//Laduree//Louvre//Bateaux Mouches//Architecture-Maths.Baths//Boulangerie-Lost in France//Fromagerie-Wikimedia Commons//Eiffel Tower-Wikimedia Commons}

One Response

  1. i have to second the bateaux mouches – it’s touristy, but as a tourist, it’s really fun. and you will absolutely love musee d’orsay, it was my favorite museum there.

    you have to go to spring while you’re there, for me!

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