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Ten Things Tuesday

I’m back in SF after a whirlwind weekend in Houston! In honor of the trip back to my home state, this week’s Ten Things is all about people, places and things I like about Texas.

You’ll probably notice quickly that there are only 5 things this week. This is mostly because I had so much fun this past weekend that I didn’t have time to brainstorm and take shots of other things I love! And to be honest with you, if today was any indication, this week is going to be off the hook crazy — I’ll be working overtime for sure!

If it’s any consolation, everything in Texas really IS bigger, so double each of these items for the full 10.

Tex Mex!!

Make no mistake — I love all types of Mexican food. California style, regional, it’s all good. But no where in the world can you get as good of Tex-Mex as you can in, well, Texas (who woulda thunk it?). I grew up going to a little Tex-Mex place called Las Colinas, which sadly, is no longer open. They had unbelievably good enchildadas and chile rellenos! A good back-up, and one that you can get all over Texas now, is Chuy’s. Give me some jalapeño ranch for my tortilla chips, and I’m a happy girl!

Summers in the Hill Country

Growing up in Austin, I was never that far of a drive from the beautiful Texas Hill Country. One of my favorite things about this region is the Frio river, undoubtedly one of the cleanest rivers you’ve ever seen! In the summer time, there is nothing like floating the crystal clear waters of the Frio with your friends. I spent a few summers camping at Garner State Park; my actual summer camp was also located on the Frio (that last picture is a shot of the canyon it’s located in — we were lucky kids, getting to swim there everyday!)

Blue Bell Ice Cream

“Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the country.” There was always this twangy little ditty that Blue Bell used to advertise on the radio back when I was a kid, and I have to say, it may have some merit. While I’ve seen a lot of good ice creams in my day, there’s nothing quite like opening a gallon of their homemade vanilla. The ice cream has a beautiful, pale egg-yolk color, that truly feels old fashioned and homemade. The vanilla flavor isn’t as strong as other ice creams (which I usually like), but it always reminds me of Texas.

My grandmother’s beautiful backyard gardens and pool

Because when it’s pushing 100 degrees with 90% humidity, nothing beats a dip in her pool (or “the pond” as we call it). Nights out on her patio with a cold beer aren’t bad either.

My grandmother’s rose gardens

My grandmother has long been known for her beautiful beds of rose bushes out on the side of her home. She lives on a street corner, so anyone who passes by can see the flowers. Once, she went outside and someone had uprooted an entire bush!! Most people are more polite though. Once, probably 10 or 15 years ago, a young man knocked on her front door. He told her he’d had a fight with his girlfriend, and asked my grandmother if he could cut one of her lovely roses to take as an “I’m sorry” to his lady. Of course gram said yes!!

This shot was taken last Christmas at her house, when very few were blooming. The flower is on its way out, and I promise you, it doesn’t even do her roses justice!

It was a great (hot, sweaty) weekend, but even though there are certain things I miss about Texas, I was happy to get back to San Francisco, where it is a very reasonable 70 degrees. Much more my speed! I have no idea how I managed to live in Texas without wilting for 18 years.

{Image Credits: Chuy’s//Rushing Frio River – Carlton Wade//Hill Country – Wiki Commons//Laity Lodge Canyon – RLP//Blue Bell}

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  1. Oh that is s darling story!!!
    Want to hear more Texas ;)
    your sf friend

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