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While the cat is away…

I hope you don’t mind, but this post is totally self-indulgent. Come back tomorrow if you want to potentially learn something. :)  In the meantime, please excuse me while I take you on a brief tour of my recent domestic life.

Joe skipped town Sunday afternoon for a short business trip, so I spent the day painting an accent wall in my office and rearranging the furniture in there. I didn’t think to take a before picture, but here’s an after:

(You can click on most of the photos in this post for a larger version, or more info)

The color is Georgian Bay from Sherwin Williams. Don’t tell the guys there, but I got away with buying only two $5 paint sample for this whole wall. Paint tip: if you’re 100% sure of the color you want, and only need to cover a small space, paint samples can be a great way to save some dough. I was able to request the sample in a satin finish. Sherwin Williams’ samples contain nearly a quart of paint!

My color inspiration had been from this owl rug I saw on Apartment Therapy last year:

I guess I went just slightly darker, but trust me, in daylight, it’s pretty gosh darn close.

So it’s been a very long time since I was able to have my own, private space where I could put up all the junk I’ve seen that makes me happy. Meet my new inspiration board:

Everything is tacked up with magnets, believe it or not. I used these nifty magnetic strips from Container Store (purchased on sale, no less!), and installed them tonight. After a few minor mishaps with the stud finder (thank god for spackle and leftover paint), we were rockin’ and rollin’. I’d been saving up some scraps of things I’d seen lately, and was stoked to tack everything up. Like this picture:

This room was on the cover of Elle Decor this month. It needs to shut up. I want that chevron/wavy graphic print! The fully bloomed peonies definitely aren’t ugly, either.

Here’s a shot of the office from the hallway:

A little bleh. I’m working on it. For starters, a new chair might be nice. I used to kind of hate it, but lately I’ve been on a total lucite furniture kick. I love that clear lucite pieces add a bit of glam to a room, without taking up any visual space. But then again, there’s black lucite, which is totally and completely over the top fabulous:

This chair also needs to shut up.

Things I still need to do for my office, because I know you are totally interested:

– Buy doors from IKEA to hide all the junk shoved in my Billy bookcase:

Ack, awful. Doors required, stat. I want to get white ones, then lacquer them with some clear poly gloss so they’re luminous and shiny, and find some fun knobs from Anthro to complete the look:

– New rug. The white one is just a holdover, so that the chair I currently have doesn’t destroy the floors. I kind of like this one from Anthro:

It’s a work in progress, and I’m having a ton of fun along the way!

Ok, I’ll stop now. If you’re still with me, take comfort in the fact that a springtime risotto recipe is on its way tomorrow night!

“Les désirs de votre cœur sont là pour une raison.

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